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Can School Buses Become Mobile Hot Spots? Absolutely!

School Bus Mobile Hotspot

Author: Nicky Jackson, Marketing Campaign Manager, MCA

As the world continues to be impacted by Covid-19 and the new safety precautions that have been implemented to slow the spread of the virus school systems are feeling a huge impact as they are scrambling to provide an adequate education to all students. Social distancing can only go so far in overcrowded classrooms and school buses, so many school districts have chosen to teach virtually. Virtual or distance learning allows teachers and students to work and learn in the safety of their own home, but what happens when many of your students and teachers don’t have reliable internet services?

School systems are working diligently to find the best ways to provide affordable, reliable internet access to as many students as possible, as quickly as possible, until the end of the current health crisis. One unique solution that has been identified is utilizing each districts fleet of school buses to go into underprivileged or rural areas to provide internet access to the teachers and students that need it most. You may ask, “how is this possible? Can school buses really become mobile hot spots?” Absolutely they can!

USAT together with Mobile Communications America can quickly equip each school bus in your fleet with wireless routers, gateways and range extending antenna systems. Once installed your buses can immediately be deployed out into communities to broadcast free public wireless internet. The best thing is, it gives school bus drivers continued employment, it utilizes resources already on hand and it allows a safe and effective means to delivering a trusted and reliable internet service so students can download assignments and complete the required school work. Buses that are equipped to be mobile hot spots will be useful and valuable even after students return to school full time. They can continue to provide internet services to student bus riders and in rural and disadvantaged areas to allow children the opportunity to complete their homework and other assignments.

Mobile Communications America (MCA) and USAT provide solutions that help teachers communicate and protect students under their care. From integrated GPS that tracks school buses, and wireless routers and gateways, to video surveillance and two-way radios, we offer effective safety and security solutions to schools and campuses. Designed to ease the stress of a school day by opening clear lines of communication and visual support, our various radio, video surveillance, and vehicle tracking selections are guaranteed to provide you with the right fit. Contact an MCA representative today at 1-866-675-9145 to find the best solutions for your current and future needs.

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