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Avigilon and Georgetown School District: Safeguarding Our Future

Large South Carolina School District Serves Nearly 10,000 Students

Located on the coast of South Carolina, the Georgetown County School District (GCSD) comprises 10 elementary schools, four middle schools, four high schools, a career center, and an adult education center, serving approximately 9,500 students and employing 1,400 individuals.

Challenges | An Outdated Surveillance System With Major Gaps

In 2016, GCSD faced a challenge with its outdated camera system, reaching the end of its life cycle. Replacement options for the legacy cameras were unavailable, posing increased safety risks to staff and students. In fact, the old system was exploited by students who were aware of blind spots and took advantage of them to do things like smoke, vape, skip class, vandalize the building, or even bully their classmates. When these issues were brought to the administration’s attention, there was – unfortunately – no usable evidence.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing these coverage gaps, the district embarked on a comprehensive improvement initiative, including a significant security upgrade. A bond referendum was conducted, resulting in an impressive 80% community approval for the renovation budget, one of South Carolina’s most successful bond referendums.

Solution | Unified Surveillance and Communications Powered by Avigilon and Motorola Solutions

With community approval for the renovation budget, GCSD focused on implementing a smart security system with expanded coverage. The goal was to enhance security measures, mitigating misconduct and providing greater ease of use for school administrators, security officers, and law enforcement officials.

To do this, GCSD required a security solution that included video surveillance and critical communications. After researching their options, they deployed a system across all campuses consisting of Avigilon Control Center video management software, Motorola Solutions XPR 3500e radios, and more than 1,000 Avigilon cameras.

Allows quick and easy review of live or recorded video with a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls, and self-learning video analytics.

Recognize and detect the movements of people and vehicles, notifying operators of events that may need further investigation.

Offers discreet security with exceptional image detail available in 1–3 MP resolutions.

24/7 coverage with built-in infrared illumination and self-learning video analytics technology.

Provides 360° panoramic views with no blind spots in 6 and 12 MP resolutions.


The enhanced security measures have effectively addressed the line-of-site vulnerabilities that were initially present, deterring disruptive activities and contributing to a safer school environment.
Additionally, the capabilities of the new cameras have led GCSD’s administrators and dedicated security officers to report that they are delighted with the usability of the new system, which has allowed for a centralized, collaborative approach to security.

Using Motorola Solutions XPR 3500e radios across GCSD’s locations has proven to be an invaluable asset. These radios empower security operators to swiftly communicate with each other in response to flagged suspicious activities identified by the Avigilon solution. This seamless communication enables them to take immediate and coordinated actions, ensuring the safety of both students and staff.

Integrating these two systems allows school officials to enhance operational efficiency from the moment an emergency call is made to the resolution of an incident. Notably, the radio system, operated by the district, provides comprehensive coverage across the entire county.


The system has had an overall positive impact on the GCSD’s security operations. The expansion of the security and surveillance system has proven instrumental in mitigating student misconduct while also improving collaboration, enhancing operational efficiency, and providing valuable insights to administrative and security personnel.

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