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Vehicle and Fleet

For some, a vehicle is an office they must work in every day. For others, it carries important cargo both in the employee and the goods or services being delivered. Our vehicle and fleet solutions provide a complete transformation of a standard car or truck into a mobile office with nationwide communications and GPS tracking to ensure your commitments are met on time and allowing you to exceed expectations.

At Mobile Communications America (MCA) we take a service-first approach to our vehicle and fleet solutions and that begins with an assessment of your current plans, processes, and systems. We make sure your investments are maximized while staying current with the requirements of today. We bring years of experience and knowledge into our assessments and will provide you with a tested and proven recommendation as we move forward. Get started today by requesting a consultation with an MCA team member.

stalker radio

Stalker Radar

As an authorized GSA contractor, MCA can fulfill orders placed from our authorized online catalog to all federal agencies in the continental U.S. and abroad in an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contract format.

MCA is also a preferred Stalker Radar Partner.

Mobile Data

Mobile Data

Staying connected while on the go is becoming a requirement for mobile employees and systems. However, we are rarely able to work from a single device to accomplish the job. With a mobile data solution from MCA we can equip your vehicle as a hub to provide data to all of your mobile devices.

Watchguard Vehicle Camera

WatchGuard Vehicle Camera

WatchGuard’s Panoramic X2 HD camera substancially expands the front coverage of a patrol car by combining the Zero Sightline Camera high quality with an HD panoramic camera, in one compact, rugged housing. Full coverage, expanded view with all of the details is now available.

Lighting and up fit solutions

Lighting & Up-Fit Solutions

Whether you are building a new fleet or upgrading an existing fleet, we have dedicated staff trained and ready to up-fit your vehicles. We can take a standard vehicle straight from the dealer and turn it into a purpose-built emergency vehicle with protection, lighting, and connectivity to complete the mission.

Vehicle Intercom System

Vehicle Intercom Systems

We offer intercom systems that allow you to communicate within large vehicles or when surrounded by loud noise. This allows your team to plan and coordinate while en route to an emergency. Reliable communication ensures every member of the team clearly understands the mission.

Fleet tracking

Fleet & Asset Tracker

Our fleet and asset tracking systems help provide you with improved routes, fuel savings, and increased safety. You will have visibility into your fleet like never before with detailed reports and actionable data delivered to you automatically helping you run at maximum efficiency.

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