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The MOTOTRBO ION radio brings together multiple devices into a single platform to help you get the job done more efficiently and with the rugged performance we all expect from Motorola.

Our team at MCA is ready to work with you to discover how you can go ALL ON with the new Motorola ION platform.

MOTOTRBO Family of Radios

The addition of ION expands the MOTOTRBO series adding the ability to provide the right device for the right user. There are advantages to each model in the series and we recommend reviewing them all with an MCA radio expert to help you fit the device to the needs of the user.

MOTOTRBO Family of Radios

Built for Any Environment

MOTOTRBO ION has a level of durability that most smartphones can’t match. It’s comletely dust-tight and protected from immersion in water up to 2 meters for 2 hours. And it’s built with ultra-strong materials inside and out from its housing to its Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen, to its internal components enabling it to withstand a 4-foot drop from concrete.

Intrinsically Safe

As an intrinsically safe device, you can use MOTOTRBO ION in any environment without the risk of ignition or fire. It’s the only touchscreen radio that is Intrinsically safe.

ION Connectivity

DMR Radio Networks (MOTOTRBO)

ION is fully interoperable with your existing MOTOTRBO and other Tier III DMR radio systems for instand PTT voice and data, and MOTOTRBO system licenses are included.

Public LETE Networks (MOTOTRBO)

ION enables wide area broadband connectivty over your LTE network of choice. Combined with the Motorola WAVE service for PTT without boundaries.

Private LTE Networks

Private LTE Networks (CBRS)

ION enables connectivity to Motorola’s Nitro Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) network solution, and other CBRS systems that meet certain specifications.

Ion Video Security

+ Motorola Apps

ION is designed to work with the complete line of Motorola applications such as Barcode scanning, Avigilon Control Center Software, Wave PTT, and many more.

+ Google Play Store

With MOTOTRBO ION the user will have full access to the Google Play store as the device operates on the open Android platform. This includes the full suite of G-suite applications like GMAIL, Calendar, Maps, and more.

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