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Commercial Radios

The Motorola commercial radio series spans entry-tier analog radios to mid-tier digital radios. These options will help you get started with the basics in either analog or digital operations.

Radio Series Quick Links: Commercial Radios | MOTOTRBO Radios | Public Safety Radios

Entry-Tier Analog Radios

If you are not ready to transition into digital radios and want to get started with the basic advantages of instant group communications an analog radio is a great first step. These radios range in features, durability, and size. Contact our support team for help choosing the model to fit your needs.

VL50 | BPR40 | CP185 | VX-450

Mid-Tier Digital Radios

Digital radios offer clear audio as the traditional static sound and background noise is removed from your transmission. Motorola digital radios allow you to get more channels from your FCC licensed frequencies and double your capacity by fitting 2 radio channels on 1 frequency with TDMA technology built-in.

DTR700 | BPR40d | CP100d | CP200d | 

SL300 | EVX-S24

CM200d and CM300d Commercial Motorola Radios

Mobile Radios

Connecting to a vehicle provides greater range because of the vehicle’s power supply allowing for higher output power. Mobile radios in the commercial series include both entry-tier analog and mid-tier digital models offering the same benefits as portable radios with a vehicle form factor.

 CM200d | CM300d


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