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Communication Solutions

TRBOMAX™ Communication Solutions Tailor-Made for South Carolina

Your business needs a reliable way to stay connected with your staff to get the job done efficiently and safely. That’s why large organizations need a solution that offers the best technology, high standards, and comprehensive solution that is scalable for their business.

Motorola TRBOMAX provides the widest coverage (90-95%) with Push-to-Talk communication throughout South Carolina. 

TRBOMAX MCA South Carolina Coverage Map

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max technology, our most expansive and sophisticated trunked radio architecture, offers a fast user experience, scalability, and the most reliable radio technology platform available today.

Safety Reimagined

With TRBOMAX, Motorola Solutions commenced a project that was more than simply enabling transportation and education sectors to save time and money.


We also envisioned a world where safety is truly universal.

A world in which businesses, individuals, and communities thrive as a result of a commitment to safer technologies.

A world that unifies communication, video security, data, and analytics to create equity and justice.

The Organizations We Serve

MCA works with South Carolina businesses to supply, install, and service your TRBOMAX equipment so you’re never left without coverage.

Transportation & Logistics


Public Works





TRBOMAX for Education & Transportation

MCA Capacity Max TRBOMax

Supporting K-12 Schools with TRBOMAX

Schools across South Carolina that need instant and reliable communication can protect students and save time and money with our best-in-class radio system.

  • Emergency Mass Notification: contact first responders, parents, and all-school faculty and staff at the push of a button
  • GPS Bus Fleet Tracking and Radio Communication with Drivers
  • Low Cost on Equipment with a Long Life
  • The Most Complete and Responsive Radio Communications Ecosystem: understand the Motorola difference.
  • Special Discounts for Schools: We work within your budget.
trbomax MCA Transportation Solutions

Transportation TRBOMAX Benefits

For our clients in transportation, warehousing, and logistics, Mobile Communications America offers the most robust and reliable radio system infrastructure on the market.

  • Communicate Deliveries, Changes, Delays, and with Staff Efficiently
  •  GPS Fleet Tracking and Radio Communication with Drivers
  • Trunked Radio System with Dedicated Control Channels: reduces operational costs and increases scalability. 
  • Secure Access Control and Encryption 
  • Efficient IP Network with no Requirements for Specialized Interconnections: centralized control and management functions

The Advantages of TRBOMAX
for South Carolina

The TRBOMAX system is the culmination of 90 years of innovation in radio communication from Motorola.

South Carolina businesses who need instant and reliable communication across the state will save time and money with our best-in-class radio system.

  • Transmit messages with the best PPT radio technology
  • Benefit from the widest coverage infrastructure available
  • Enable hands-free communication for drivers
  • Aggregate and integrate all data on a single control interface
  • Activate GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Facilitate safer working conditions with advanced system features

TRBOMAX Devices for South Carolina

MCA Two Way Radios Trbomax

Mobile & Two-Way Radios

TRBOMAX supports the entire catalog of Motorola mobile and two-way radios – perfect for the transportation and education industries. Motorola brings its 90 years of experience to bear in the engineering and design of the best in radio communication.

TRBOMAX Command Central South Carolina Communications Solutions

CommandCentral Aware

CommandCentral Aware collects and integrates video, voice, real-time alerts, advanced data analytics, work orders and other recordings, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), and more, on a single intuitive software interface with geospatial mapping technology.

TRBOMAX South Carolina Towe

Capacity Max

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max offers South Carolina enterprises a completely secure trunked radio communications solution, supporting up to 250 sites and 3,000 users per site, and scalable to grow with your business over time.

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TRBOMAX Solutions for South Carolina

TRBOMAX South Carolina Communications Solutions

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