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The Best Private Cellular Network for Your Public Venue

Business-Critical Voice Communications from Motorola Nitro

For those managing a business or commercial enterprise that operates outdoors, you need reliable and instant voice, video, and data communications. 

Whether your business is a theme park, outdoor concert hall, sports arena, or state fairground, ensuring always-on connectivity is essential to your outdoor venue’s safety and operational efficiency.

You might have already run into coverage and capacity issues with Wi-Fi. Relying on Wi-Fi reduces the quality of communications and other applications necessary to your operations. Wi-Fi access points are notoriously unreliable. 

At the end of the day, Wi-Fi simply wasn’t designed for the complex connectivity demands of the modern public venue. You need a solution that works for you, your employees, and your customers.

Motorola Nitro gives you: 

Enhanced Venue Security

With Nitro’s best-in-class range, you can cover your entire public venue. You can ensure that your surveillance cameras and other security applications are always online.

Secure Reliable Communication

Empower your staff and work teams with Nitro’s always-on connectivity. Give your employees home-field advantage with instant PTT voice communications.

Improved Data Streaming

Nitro delivers a reliable high-speed connection to power your game days, thrill rides, and the digital signage directing customers across your venue from end-to-end.

Better Wi-Fi for Customers

Improve customer Wi-Fi performance by offloading sensitive and business-critical data onto a separate private network. Your customers will enjoy the show. 

The Benefits of Motorola Nitro from MCA

Why should you choose Motorola Nitro from MCA as the PLTE solution for your public venue?

Nitro is the best private LTE platform on the market, delivering warp-speed secure voice, video, and data across the scope of your operations. Nitro supports your business’ entire communications ecosystem (smart phones, radios, surveillance cameras, etc.) that you need to operate a public venue.

Why choose MCA as your Nitro provider?

Well, because as a preferred partner of Motorola, MCA provides unparalleled expertise and personalized attention to each of our clients in the installation, maintenance, and support of their PLTE network. 

Motorola Nitro Features

Simple Deployment

Buying the best private cellular network doesn’t mean you should suffer from a complex installation process or need a large capital investment. Nitro offers an out-of-the-box solution. All you need to install Motorola Nitro is power and an internet connection.

Full Management and Control

Focus less on the management of your network, and more on getting the most out of its performance. Nitro eliminates the hassle of needing to operate your own network core, while still offering you network exclusivity and keeping your data local.

Interoperability with MOTOTRBO

Nitro’s cutting-edge platform provides interoperability across all MOTOTRBO systems and devices. These integrative capabilities boost your ROI, and make for safer, more efficient operations.

Invest for the Future

When you invest in Nitro provided by MCA, you’re gaining a partner, not just a platform. With our innovative infrastructure, simple yet smart software, and robust, logistics-ready end user devices, we manage your solution from end-to-end.

Use Cases for Motorola Nitro Private LTE

Nitro PLTE for Amusement Parks

Amusement and Theme Parks

Every year amusement and theme parks take in $22 billion in revenue. With today’s “Mega Parks” spanning 50+ acres, entertaining over 50,000 guests, and employing thousands of workers, possessing a reliable network connection is critical to your operational success.

Nitro PLTE for Music and Event Halls

Amphitheaters and Concert Halls

With large musical events, you need to ensure the safety of concertgoers and your staff. Free up public Wi-Fi for attendees to record and livestream their favorite bands, and let Nitro handle your venue’s critical security functions.

Nitro PLTE for State and County Fairgrounds

State and County Fairgrounds

State and county fairs can attract over a million attendees over the course of a week. Your vendors with POS applications need a reliable network to handle the many transactions that will take place. Your fairground staff require instant and secure communications to keep attendees safe.

Nitro PLTE for Race Tracks and Speedways

Race Tracks and Speedways

Outdoor racing technologies have become consistently more advanced over the years. Nitro offers the perfect connectivity solution for the IoT applications (RFID tags and wireless sensors) that modern racetracks deploy to track individual lap times and score events.

Nitro PLTE for Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure Centers

Whether you’re running a zip-line business, white-water rafting excursions, or any other outdoor adventure for customers, clear, real-time communication is essential to keep your guests safe as they engage in fun, but sometimes risky, activities.

Nitro PLTE for State and City Parks

Parks and Recreation Areas

State and city parks have experienced consistently higher levels of visitors over the past several years. This trend shows no signs of lessening anytime soon. Nitro can provide reliable connectivity to enhance the experience of visitors across our nation’s thousands of local parks and recreation areas.

MCA is Your Go-To Provider of Motorola Nitro

Mobile Communications America (MCA) has long been an industry leader in the deployment of private wireless networks that offer seamless enterprise-grade connectivity for data, video, and voice business-critical communications and applications.

As mentioned above, when you work with MCA in implementing the cutting-edge Motorola Nitro platform, you’re not just buying a PLTE network—you’re gaining a partner who can help you with all your communication needs and network applications over the lifecycle of your purchase.

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