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Street Smart™ for Panasonic Toughbooks

Panasonic Toughbooks Street Smart

Street Smart™ on Panasonic Toughbooks from MCA: A Crime Fighting Solution 

Technology for police officers has come a long way from simple license plate recognition. Today’s tech for law enforcement depends on accessing real-time data in fighting crime. 

Thankfully, the Panasonic line of Toughbooks can now be outfitted with Street Smart™ software, which provides law enforcement officers in the field up-to-the-minute data analytics and feeds, maps, bulletins, and a host of case management tools. 

MCA’s officer-driven platform offers essential information regarding incidents and crime scenes, along with data about crime patterns in particular areas for predictive policing. Street Smart technology goes well beyond CAD and RMS in supplying real-time reports. 

Identifying crime patterns is of paramount importance for police departments and officers across the country. With Street Smart’s Map Viewer, you can immediately know where crimes are occurring and where criminal offenders are located. 

Our software’s color-coded dots, customizable icons, and time-slice views help to organize and categorize criminal activity, while our Esri GIS interactive maps ensure that your information is current and accurate. 

Allowing officers to more effectively anticipate emerging crime patterns, and providing them with the situational awareness they need, is Street Smart’s ultimate goal. 

At the same time, Street Smart’s Bulletin Management system alerts officers of important action items, while keeping tabs on criminal offenders. MCA’s data-driven, easy-to-browse interface enables officers to immediately respond to incidents and assess dangerous situations. Officers can create, edit, comment on, and view relevant info on a portable real-time crime center.

Officers have access to:

  • Crime Alert Bulletins
  • Intelligence Bulletins
  • Officer Safety Bulletins
  • Wanted Bulletins
  • External Bulletins from other agencies

This bulletin system is quite helpful, for instance, in notifying officers of an escaped suspect or in responding to other dangerous situations that impact officer safety.

Street Smart’s bulletin system complements the software’s Crime-Fighting Discussion Board. 

When your officers and detectives are working a big case or are facing a sudden surge in crime, the discussion board allows them to collaborate from miles away. Street Smart’s Discussion board encourages officers to share critical information on a case both between themselves and with other law enforcement agencies. 

The information and tips shared on the Discussion Board allow officers to stay up to date on the latest breaks in their case. 

Street Smart’s bulletin and discussion tools enable continuous communication between their internal and external law enforcement partners. Managing cases with real-time, actionable information and communication keeps officers and the public safe. Solving crimes typically involves identifying the same bad actors, and when law enforcement agencies communicate, the opportunity for criminals to commit crimes is greatly reduced.

Importantly, Street Smart is completely compatible with your force’s existing CAD/RMS technology. Our software greatly improves your department’s ability to:

  • Evaluate records
  • Verify Records
  • Qualify Crimes

CAD confirmation is typically performed through the Crime Validation Form, but our software also takes Intel and Street Check data types into account. We put all the information in front of your team, giving officers the ability to interpret important data, even when it doesn’t show up on a CAD record.

With Street Smart you also have the option to store even more data in your system. MCA can warehouse Offender, Juvenile, and Home Detention Data to help officers focus their search, streamlining investigations. These records include the criminal history of known offenders and can be personalized to fit the needs of your agency. This enables officers to avoid information hierarchies by putting everything they need right at their fingertips.  

Collect, analyze, and assess all the information you need to engage in smart policing.

Finally, with its new mobile interface, Street Smart has given law enforcement personnel the ability to access our software features on all Toughbook devices. This new user interface improves the ability to share information from across multiple Toughbook devices, keeping you in constant contact with your team. 

Officers can now share information with access to up-to-the-minute data, maps, discussions, and bulletins. This technology allows police to solve crimes quicker and maximize their effectiveness.

Panasonic Toughbooks are used in police departments across the country. Their rugged design and user-friendly interface make for the perfect technology solution for law enforcement.

With the introduction of Street Smart, law enforcement can now leverage the best in crime-fighting technology with the durability and reliability they have come to expect from Panasonic devices.

MCA provides the best in Digital Evidence Management Solutions and Communication. Download our brochure to learn more about how Street Smart™ assists enforcement officers across the country. 

More than 45,000 customers trust Mobile Communications America (MCA) to provide wireless communications solutions for more safe, secure, and efficient law enforcement. As your reliable advisor, we reduce the time and effort necessary to fit the right solutions for your officers. MCA offers a comprehensive portfolio of world-class voice, data, and video solutions. Our team of certified professionals delivers a full suite of cutting-edge technologies with first-class service. We support the entire lifecycle of products and services purchased from MCA. Please call one of our expert representatives today at 1-800-596-8205

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