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Perimeter Protection

The right perimeter protection system will ensure that you control who has access to your property and stop external threats from entering. Perimeter protection can include a wide variety of solutions depending on your needs including gate control, bollards, fence detection, exterior cameras, thermal imaging cameras, video analytics, microwave, and more. Below are a few manufacturers that we support.


Southwest Microwave



Senstar Stellar

Gate Control and Bollards

Gate Control and Bollards

Reliable perimeter protection will ensure that you have complete control over who has access to your facilities and workplaces, stopping external threats of all varieties in their tracks.

Cameras and Thermal

Video is an integral part of perimeter protection. Our high-resolution, thermal cameras are designed to detect suspicious and unauthorized persons even in low-visibility conditions.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics

AI smart video analytics will enable your organization to secure your perimeter with intelligent solutions designed to save money and time.

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