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Alarm Systems

MCA offers a wide variety of alarm systems for every work environment and budget. Our alarms can be fully integrated with your other security system features, like cameras, to provide you with real-time updates on what is happening in your building in the event of an intrusion. We are trained and certified on numerous Intrusion Detection Systems and have solutions appropriate for businesses of any size or complexity. MCA can install and maintain any legacy intrusion alarm system. Below are a few intrusion alarm manufacturers that we support.






MCA’s alarm control systems ensure an efficient and reliable notification process, dispatching alerts that impact security and productivity to the right individual according to the time, day, and location of the incident. As a result, safety, productivity, and accountability can be monitored via alerts transmitted as emails, text messages, mobile apps, and radios.

Video Surveillance in Alarm Systems

Video Surveillance

View and analyze video recordings an hour after they are captured.

Access Control Alarm Systems

Access Control

Preserve the ability to lockdown secure areas in the case of a critical incident or emergency.

Badge Systems Alarm Systems

Badge Systems

Digital access logs provide a complete picture of all the cards used to access particular areas.

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