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MCA is Your Trusted Advisor For Electronic Security Systems

Today’s private enterprises and public institutions face a seemingly endless number of security challenges from a multitude of directions: MCA provides comprehensive integrated security management systems and services to ensure the safety of your employees, protect your assets, while still increasing productivity to meet the demands of a growing economy.

Our professional services include a complete range of offerings allowing us to support customers in the planning, design, implementation, integration, and maintenance of state-of-the-art security systems. The MCA In-house staff includes IT professionals who are highly experienced in system integration, database migration and networking. MCA has the resources to meet your challenges locally and nationally.

Video Surveillance

MCA video surveillance management systems offer the latest in end-to-end, “eyes-on-the-scene” security with integrated AI video analytics. We work to keep your workplaces and facilities safe.

Access Control

Access Control Systems

MCA’s access control systems offer automated solutions to avert unauthorized access to secure locations within your organization. Keep your assets and personnel safe with a comprehensive system to control the flow of individuals in and out of your workplaces.

MCA Technical Support

Detection Systems

With a detection system from MCA, you can help protect your organization against cyberattacks. Our detection system monitors your network for suspicious activity and policy violations. 

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