Security Solutions
Security Solutions

MCA has developed an end-to-end suite of solutions for safety and security. Now you can work with a single source for your solutions; from video surveillance and access control to incident reporting and public communications we have experts on staff to consult with you and provide a customized plan to increase your safety and security.

At MCA we take a service-first approach to safety and security and that begins with an assessment of your current plans, processes, and systems. We make sure your investments are maximized while staying current with the requirements of today. We bring years of experience and knowledge into our assessments and will provide you with a tested and proven recommendation as we move forward. Get started today by requesting a consultation with an MCA team member.

Video Surveillance

MCA has taken their services to a whole new level. The video surveillance division develops a plan to meet the specific needs of our customers. Security cameras are a vital part of any business. They protect your people, your assets, and save you time.

Access Control

Access control systems make your facility and your employees more secure by giving you the ability to control precisely who can access each door in your facility and when they have access without the trouble of managing a variety of different physical door keys.

Incident Management

Ally is a web-based, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) platform designed to provide private security organizations with effective, mobile, easy-to-use security guard software for incident management and voice dispatch.

Mass Notification

The quickest way to warn the public of an emergency is with a siren or voice message that can be heard by all. Our systems are used to alert, inform, and direct the masses of both man-made and natural events that require action.

Emergency Call Boxes

Call boxes play an important role in any security plan as they offer the public an instant way to call for help when it's needed the most. These systems provide both a feeling of safety to new visitors and a visible deterrent to those that would start trouble.

Two-Way Radios

Our radios are used by safety and security teams to organize responders and quickly deploy the best solution to any situation at the push of a button. Instant communication with your team is required when you need information during an emergency test.

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