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Social Distancing Enforcement

When you proactively adapt your spaces to ward off threats, you take matters into your own hands. From social distancing enforcement to loitering and trespassing detection, your analytics provide insight into problematic areas of your buildings. Make constructive changes to avoid crowding and bottlenecks—both in your current facilities and when planning the layouts of new ones.

At MCA, we can help you design an all-in-one security system that shields your business or organization.

What Is Social Distancing Enforcement?

In today’s public health climate, proving compliance with local, state, and federal health directives is a significant advantage. Bringing your security system into the modern age and incorporating health security is an easy way to prove compliance. In addition to public health initiatives, social distancing enforcement can assist your organization with crowd control – helping to remotely monitor areas for bottlenecks that could impede the flow of foot or vehicle traffic flow or create dangerous situations with blocked or over-crowded exits.

With Social Distancing Enforcement technology, wearable devices and video analytics embedded within your surveillance system will provide your security team with details about how many individuals are in a given space at a time and how much distance is between them.

With this information, they can ensure the physical and health safety of anyone within your facility and enact proper protocols, if necessary, to avoid a crisis situation.

Benefits of Social Distancing Enforcement

Encourage your employees and guests to maintain a safe distance automatically. Use high-tech wearables or video analytics so that your facility can promote better public health during times of increased viral infection rates.

Facial scans of business visitors


You get to define the time thresholds for physical proximity. Know when an unsafe amount of time has passed with people close together—and address the issue.



Taking your data a step further, our solution can analyze distancing metrics—even across time and locations. Use reports to make changes to your spaces and operations.


With modern solutions, the space between individuals is measured automatically. Experience a new evolution of people counting with social distancing enforcement.

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Your team can rely on automatic community alerts when occupants need a reminder to respect each other’s space, whether via wearable alerts or PA system announcements.

About MCA

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