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Loitering and Trespassing Detection

Automating your security system’s suspicious activity monitoring can create an environment where trespassing (and loitering) are addressed swiftly so your employees, residents, and/or visitors are safer. Your team is notified of specific areas to monitor through video surveillance analytics and AI. Notifications are immediately dispatched to your security based on the events set up in your system. You can even program lights or loudspeakers to play a prerecorded message when the detection system is triggered and help ward off criminals.

What Is Loitering and Trespassing Detection?

Ensuring that your properties are secure means always being on the lookout for unusual behavior, including loitering and trespassing. While loitering may be entirely innocent, and trespassing may happen accidentally, they are also activities that may cause concern in areas where high-value artifacts or critical information are stored or where personnel or students need to be monitored for safety reasons.

Loitering and Trespassing Detection uses a combination of video surveillance and analytics, motion alerts, AI, real-time notifications, and automated responses to review a secured area and determine if individuals or groups are spending more than a “reasonable” amount of time in one place or if they are in an area that they should not have access to. If an unauthorized scenario is identified, security personnel will receive real-time notifications to assess the situation, and/or alarms or lights may be triggered to communicate with the individuals that their presence has been detected and they should not be there.

Benefits of Loitering and Trespassing Detection

Depending on your industry, the contexts for loitering and trespassing vary. Motion alerts at certain hours on a school campus can help security stay ahead of a potential active shooter situation. Similar motion events can alert a casino of unexpected motion near their vaults. No matter your circumstances, your alerts can be customized to help keep your security team aware—and focused on genuine concerns rather than false triggers.


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Thanks to AI, our technology goes beyond basic motion detection. Customize the rules for what qualifies as a trigger event so your team is not distracted by extra alerts.



Our solutions join with your video surveillance to detect unexpected movement. Know who is on-site, from trespassers on business property to students cutting class on campus.



With MCA, you tap into contemporary AI capabilities. Alert your security team when individuals or groups dwell or loiter, including near high-value assets and locations.



When you pair face recognition with loitering and trespassing detection, the algorithms can detect individuals already labeled as suspicious by your team.

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