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Crowding and Hotspot Detection Systems

Crowding is a given in our current world. An unfortunate result is bottlenecking, when so many people are jammed into such a tight space that traffic either slows to a crawl or comes to a halt, creating a hotspot. Because of potential violence and/or infection, hotspots have become fraught with danger. Thanks to current technology, such dangers can be avoided with hotspot detection.

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What Is Crowding and Hotspot Detection?

Hotspot detection, simply put, monitors and analyzes space in a given facility, noting traffic patterns and cluster times. The key to the most effective crowd management is advance planning.

With the recommendations stemming from our analytics, you can streamline your facility to eliminate bottlenecks in vehicle or foot traffic. We refine our solutions for your individual needs. Using our analytics, we can integrate your video surveillance, social distancing enforcement, and more with the aim of avoiding hotspots and the dangers stemming from them.

Industries Our Crowding and Hotspot Detection Systems Serve


Educational facilities, from elementary schools to colleges and universities, demand preparation that minimizes crowding and hotspots. Our advanced video analytics will trigger alarms when a potentially unsafe number or percentage of people gather in a vulnerable area. Working with our crowding and hotspot detection, you can maximize the effectiveness of alerts and insights to solve common problems.

For instance, if alerts keep occurring at one entrance, you can adjust your flow of traffic to avoid future issues. The bottom line is safety for your students and peace of mind for their families who are holding you accountable.


Athletic events and concerts have seen their share of hotspots that have led to panic and chaos. Especially for venues and companies hosting such events, a detection system for hotspots and crowding is an essential tool. Our analytics permit you to manage traffic in a way that leads to a safer and more memorable experience for the many people within your walls.

Not only can you better comply with fire and occupancy codes, but you can improve the impression you make while ensuring that your venue meets public health requirements.


Our team can easily set up custom alerts for crowding and hotspot detection to fit your company software, based on the network of video surveillance cameras already in place. As your security partner, we’re eager to ensure your protection and plan for your future.

We offer eagle-eyed system monitoring, unfailing vigilance, and strategies for your continued success, using our leading hardware and software in the security field of hotspot detection. Each application is repeatedly and rigorously tested before we approve it for use by our clients. Freed of bottlenecks and grounded in safety, your company can maximize productivity and efficiency.

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