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Body Temperature Detection

From a distance, your security team can monitor the body temperature of multiple people in your facility. Rather than passing each visitor and team member through a thermometer checkpoint, this advanced solution frees up time and reduces the labor costs associated with the time-consuming task of taking temperatures.

What is Body Temperature Detection?

With viruses and colds circulating throughout our communities every day, it’s never been more important to be diligent about protecting the health of those around us. During public health crises, taking the temperatures of employees and visitors to your building is one of the easiest ways to ensure individuals who may be ill are not posing a threat to others. However, taking those temperatures can be time-consuming – especially if you operate a large building that hosts hundreds or thousands of people per day.

Our Body Temperature Detection solution provides you with the equipment and software needed to scan your facility for temperature variations that may exceed a normal threshold, determine whether or not it’s coming from a human or an object, and – if it’s determined to be a human – alert your team to the location of the individual so that the appropriate protocols can be put into place.

Benefits of Body Temperature Detection

By combining the real-time monitoring in your facilities’ environment with modern software, your team is immediately alerted when a potential health risk is present. Leaning into the power of AI, the technology can delineate between a human and an object with a temperature exceeding a normal threshold and will provide your team with actionable data the moment they need it.


Recognize Health Risks Immediately

Use today’s artificial intelligence capabilities to scan your facility for possible health risks. If you are interested in body temp detection, reach out to discuss the possibilities.



Our process provides you with a comprehensive health-monitoring system. We integrate face mask detection, social distancing enforcement, and more with body temp detection.



The setup time for our VSaaS is second to none. Our partners’ technology streamlines setup, thanks to the cloud. Enjoy the ease of remotely managing devices from here on out.


Flexibility From
Day One

Partnering with Dell Technologies and Invixium, we utilize IntelliSite’s Human-based Monitoring (HbM) and IXM TITAN to detect elevated body temperatures in real-time.


The Latest

With body temp detection, your security system achieves a new level of innovation. Monitor risks—and only focus on people rather than objects—via AI and thermal cameras.



Your security team receives real-time alerts in the easy-to-use software, and they can respond to health risks according to your organization’s protocol.

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