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What Is Safety Reimagined and Why Is It Important?

Bringing Voice, Video, Data, and Analytics Together

You may have heard that Communications Electronics, which was acquired by MCA in November 2022, has joined MCA in being named a Safety Reimagined Badged Partner, one of a select few Motorola Solutions partners from across North America. 

What Is Safety Reimagined?

Safety Reimagined is a designation by Motorola Solutions awarded after completing an educational program focused on training and development within the Safety Reimagined ecosystem. The certification recognizes the training and expertise in unifying what were once disparate voice, data, video, and analytic technologies into powerful integrated connections that enable individuals, businesses, and communities to work together in more powerful ways. Working with a badged partner ensures expert level knowledge, from sales to service, to deliver the best possible solution tailored to your business or organization’s unique needs.

With the Safety Reimagined Ecosystem, now safety, efficiency, and productivity are deeply connected with technologies that DETECT, ANALYZE, COMMUNICATE and RESPOND. Video, voice and software analytics enables end-to-end solutions automates workflows and enables faster response times – and at the heart of all this integration is Orchestrate, an interface tool that automates it all.

Safety Reimagined opens a world of possibilities, including…

  • Your video cameras being able to send voice or text alerts to your radios
  • You can remotely monitor your video surveillance with virtual dispatch
  • Your video surveillance’s artificial intelligence can automatically discern unusual motion detection to alert personnel before a situation escalates
  • You can alert authorized personnel if there’s a lone worker down
  • You can instantly notify personnel when an area is breached or a BOLO (Be On Look Out) individual has entered your facility or campus
  •  License plate recognition cameras and software can remotely alert personnel on radios, cellphones or laptops when an unauthorized vehicle enters a parking lot
  • Weapons detection systems can efficiently screen individuals as they enter facilities for weapons
  • Sensitive areas, including pharmaceuticals and equipment, can be remotely monitored with trigger alerts sent to authorized personnel
  • Incident management software automates and streamlines reporting and records management, providing accurate, time-stamped and detailed reporting to automate the dispatch of security personnel

With Orchestrate and the unified voice, video, analytics, and software solutions we offer through Safety Reimagined, we have changed the conversation on integrated platforms.

Motorola Orchestrate Desktop WorkFlow - Combine all your security systems in one place

What Is Orchestrate?

Orchestrate is designed for your unique environment. Through this secure cloud-based technology, you can manage, unify and optimize your video and radio technology solutions and provide consistent responses. You can customize the design workflow complexity to meet the needs of your operation or enterprise. And because Orchestrate is a secure, cloud-based, cross-technology platform, users can access and reconfigure customized solutions from anywhere, at any time.

If your business, enterprise or campus could benefit from the powerful connections Safety Reimagined can provide and you want to learn more, reach out to schedule a demonstration of our capabilities.

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