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Private LTE for Airports

Motorola Nitro PLTE for Airports

Private Cellular Networks with Motorola Nitro™️

Airport Operations Depend Upon Critical Voice, Security, and Data Communications

Airports are now one of the most vital pieces of critical infrastructure within our nation. Every single day, millions of travelers, workers, and pallets of various goods move through your doors. You teams work to ensure the timely arrival and departure of fights while maintaining a smooth and pleasant experience for passengers, freight forwarders, and the various businesses operating within your facilities walls. Delivering that seamless experience is made possible by the presences of a reliable and resilient communications infrastructure. Your communications capabilities keep your airport running at optimal efficiency.

Motorola Solutions, available from MCA provide an end-to-end technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics on one single platform — providing you with the foundation you need to keep your facilities and those temporarily housed within it safe, secure, and satisfied. Safety, efficiency, and productivity are deeply interconnected — deploying the right technologies makes your organizations operations faster and smarter and your teams more focused and resilient.

Chose Motorola Nitro™ Private LTE for Mission-Critical Connectivity

Motorola Nitro™, available from the team at MCA, is the best-in-class private LTE platform, delivering lightning-fast and secure voice, video, and data across the scope of your enterprise. The platform supports your business’s entire communications ecosystem, including smartphones, tablets, IoT devices and sensors, wired and wireless cameras, and purpose-built radios.

Motorola Nitro™ lets you focus less on the management of your network and more on leveraging its performance. Nitro™ removes the hassles of operating your own network core, while retaining spectrum exclusivity and keeping your data local.

Solution Highlights


With your workforce being more mobile than ever, your need them to be able to communicate clearly and in real-time to ensure maximum safety and productivity. Nitro provides the connectivity your MOTOTRBO digital radio systems and WAVE PTX solutions need to streamline your operations.


Wireless cameras, access controls, and incident management solutions are an integral part of any modern security system. Nitro allows you to connect with Avigilon cameras and the advanced AI technology they provide allowing for proactive responses to potential threats and suspicious activities and individuals.


The world operates on data. The same is true for your airport. Reliable real-time data is the most valuable asset your organization can possess. With a Motorola Nitro PLTE network in place you can quickly and easily access vehicle, IoT sensor, and security data allowing you to efficiently manage your operations.

Airport Applications for PLTE

MotoTRBO Two-Way Radios

With interoperability with Motorola’s MotoTRBO radios, you can provide seamless connectivity for voice communications within and around your airports. Ensuring clear and concise voice communications between your various teams of employees.

Video and Access Control Monitoring

Nitro can provide connectivity to your wireless video, access control, and incident management systems — allowing your critical security systems to function seamless and provide real-time alerts to the teams you designate to rapidly respond.

Equipment Sensor Monitoring

Semi and fully autonomous machinery and equipment within Airports are vital to seamless passenger experiences. Private LTE can provide connectivity to wireless sensors that provide real-time notifications when your equipment is malfunctioning or goes down.

Mobile Asset Tracking

With outdoor PLTE systems, we can equip all your mobile assets with PLTE routers that provide real-time positioning and telemetry data, giving you a complete visual of all your vehicles and mobile equipment to ensure everyone and everything is where it should be.

Automatic Data Dumps

Every time a plane lands and docks at a terminal its flight data is manually downloaded for analysis and record keeping. In the future, our 5G capable PLTE solutions will allow for the automation of these massive file offloads — greatly speeding up airport operations

POS Systems and Self-Service Kiosks

When customers visit a self-service kiosk or baggage desk and need to make additional purchases (i.e. checking an additional bag), utilizing Private LTE reduces the complexity of providing connectivity by eliminating the need for hardline connections at each terminal and kiosk.

Digital Signage

Nitro can provide the connectivity Airports need to remotely manage digital signs and displays across your entire facility. Additionally, this connectivity can be link with your mass notification systems, allowing you to broadcast emergency alerts to targeted displays

About MCA

At MCA we are industry leaders in the deployment of private wireless networks that provide seamless enterprise-grade connectivity for mission and business critical data, video, and voice applications. Partner with MCA as your turn-key provider for PLTE networks, routers, and interoperable hardware (like MotoTRBO radios and Avigilon Cameras). To learn more about our solution offerings, or to request a free consultation call us at (800) 577-3678 or visit

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