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Private LTE Bridges Digital Divide

Nitro Private LTE for Education

Larger school systems educate hundreds to thousands of students within their districts every year. Many have faced — and continue to face — significant challenges brought about by the coronavirus. For many educators the “digital divide” has always been front of mind, but the pandemic has exacerbated the problem. Students who do not have reliable internet access are at a major disadvantage when compared to their peers. Before the pandemic began, this disparity made it difficult for them to complete homework and other assignments requiring internet research. Today, those same students are finding themselves unable to access home learning programs, effectively barring them from participating with their more fortunate classmates.

Ensuring every student has access to stable and secure internet connectivity quickly became priority one for many school districts. Without it, students would continue to be unable to access online classes, take tests, stream videos, or otherwise participate in key educational programming. More and more, school districts are looking to bridge the Digital Divide with Nitro™ Private LTE solutions available from the experts at Mobile Communications America.

Private LTE for Distance Learning


Several wireless solutions were readily available, but while each was helpful in a variety of circumstances, they didn’t serve everyone in need. Personal mobile hotspots were too expensive for low-income homes, deploying school-purchased routers to households required costly data plans on public networks, and parents had difficulty getting their kids to locations where Wi-Fi equipped buses had been parked. They weren’t in need of more band-aids — they needed a wide reaching and permanent fix. NitroTM Private LTE networks delivered by MCA fit that bill.


In addition to providing reliable and CIPA-compliant internet access to students’ homes, many districts also wanted solutions that could expand on-campus technology capabilities. Commonly, they wanted the ability to connect with wireless security devices in and around school buildings like Avigilon cameras, Motorola Two-Way Radios, mask detection systems and more. While not every district needed all those capabilities today, it was clear to them that investing in flexible technologies would maximize their ability to handle their school systems ever-growing needs.

School officials are finding that Nitro is a cost-effective way to provide widespread community access to reliable internet connectivity that addresses their immediate remote learning challenges and helps achieve their goal of closing the digital divide. Private LTE provides all students with the same, immediate access to home learning material and removes third-party cellular plans from their budget outlays – allowing them to more easily manage in-home router deployments. And with Nitro installed at individual schools, they can meet their current and future on-campus connectivity needs.

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