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Private Cellular Networks for Stadiums

Stadium with private cellular network

Motorola Nitro Delivers Lightning Fast Voice, Video, and Data on a Single Platform for Your Stadium.

When you’re in charge of managing events at a large stadium or arena, you need instant and reliable communications. Having a secure communications infrastructure vastly enhances the efficiency of your operations and drives your bottom line.

With Motorola Nitro from MCA, an end-to-end private wireless solution that delivers lightning fast voice, video, and data on a single secure platform, you can keep your guests safe, make sure your retail EPOS continues to generate revenue, and set up smart video surveillance, among many other applications.

Every aspect of the communications and technology ecosystem in your stadium needs to operate together. With our private LTE networks, you can give event goers the ultimate fan experience, as well as boost revenue. 

Why Motorola Nitro for Stadiums?

MCA is the preferred vendor of Motorola Nitro, with expertise in the design, installation, and maintenance of your private wireless network. As a PLTE platform, Motorola Nitro supports your stadium’s entire communications ecosystem, including digital signage, EPOS kiosks, smartphones, tablets, IoT devices and sensors, surveillance cameras, your two-way radio system, and more. 

With Motorola Nitro, you will focus less on managing your network and more on leveraging its performance to get the most out of your events.

Features of Motorola Nitro from MCA

Simple Deployment

Deploying the best-in-class private broadband network doesn’t involve a complicated installation process or large price tag for your stadium. Nitro is ready to go out of the box. All you need to get started is power and an internet connection.

Manage and Control Your Network

Motorola Nitro gives you the luxury of taking a hands-off approach to managing your network. Remove the headaches of operating your own network core, while maintaining your exclusive spectrum and keeping your data in-house. 

Interoperability for Motorola Systems and Devices

Motorola Nitro is fully interoperable with all MOTOTRBO systems and devices. This increases your ROI and makes adding devices to your system logistically simple.

A Future-Proof Private Wireless Network

When you invest in Motorola’s premier private wireless platform, you gain a lifelong partner in MCA. We will manage your PLTE network throughout its lifecycle from end-to-end.

Private LTE Solutions for Stadiums

Private LTE supports a number of critical stadium operations and applications

Electronic Point of Sale Systems

When your customers visit a self-service kiosk, ticketing booth, or concession stand to make a purchase, your private wireless network delivers guaranteed connectivity, eliminating the need for hardline connections at every EPOS.

Video Surveillance

Motorola Nitro significantly boosts the performance of your wireless video surveillance system and smart video analytics applications. With PLTE, you can receive live video feeds and real-time alerts that help you respond rapidly to incidents in your stadium.

Guest Wi-Fi Enhanced

With thousands of fans streaming, tweeting, and texting at once, your Wi-Fi access points can easily become overwhelmed. PLTE gives you greater bandwidth for your guests to ensure the ultimate fan experience, while preserving enough bandwidth for your business-critical communications. 

Access and Gate Control

Motorola Nitro provides enhanced connectivity for your wireless access control systems. Give your security team the tools they need to ensure that your guests do not gain access to restricted areas in your arena. 

Digital Signage

From replay displays to signs directing foot traffic, Nitro gives your stadium the connectivity it needs to manage and control all digital signs and displays. You can link your displays and signage to mass notification systems to send emergency broadcasts and targeted messages.

On-Field Communications

Your private wireless network provides seamless voice communications within and around your stadium. With Nitro, you can ensure clear and secure voice communications between your security teams, coaches, and players.

Motorola Nitro from MCA

We understand that introducing a new broadband platform to your stadium or arena can be a challenge. At MCA, we are here to help you every step of the way. Motorola Nitro is super easy to install and maintain, but should you run into any issues, our expert team of engineers, installers, and service professionals are here to assist you.

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