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Protecting Your
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Protecting Your Employees and Customers from Gun Violence: MCA Security Solutions

On September 1st 2021, Texans will be allowed to carry handguns without a permit, either concealed or in plain view. Texas House Bill 1927, which passed in early June and was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott a week later, abolished the requirement that residents of the Lone Star State obtain a license to carry a handgun.

In short, anyone not explicitly prohibited from carrying a gun no longer has to undergo the mandatory safety training and background check to carry a handgun.

Any Texas resident can purchase a handgun from a private seller and carry it on their person without legal recourse.

At MCA, our principal concern is the safety of Texas residents.

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How we can help

MCA has a number of devices and security solutions to protect your customers, your employees, and your business:

Don’t let this law catch you by surprise.

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Protect Your Employees & Customers from Potential Gun Violence

At MCA, we deploy the latest in voice, video, and data security solutions to keep your employees and customers safe. Find out how we can create a safe and secure ecosystem for your business. Fill out the form today for a free consultation.

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