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Manufacturing Facilities Face Difficulty with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi Poses Connectivity Challenges Within Manufacturing Facilities

In today’s connected world, businesses increasingly rely on wireless connectivity to streamline operations and remain competitive. However, manufacturing facilities face unique challenges when implementing Wi-Fi networks. 

While Wi-Fi networks are a popular choice for businesses looking to connect their devices, they are not always the best option for manufacturing facilities. The unique challenges of these environments, including interference from machinery and equipment, distance and coverage issues, and security concerns, make private LTE (PLTE) networks the optimal solution.

Nitro PLTE for Manufacturing Facilities

PLTE is a reliable and effective solution for manufacturers looking to streamline their operations and stay competitive in today’s connected world by providing better coverage, improved security, low latency, and high bandwidth. 

Some of the specific challenges that manufacturing facilities face when deploying Wi-Fi networks include:

Interference from Machinery and Equipment

Manufacturing facilities are home to various machines and equipment that can interfere with Wi-Fi signals, making it difficult for devices to connect to the network. Heavy machinery, high-voltage equipment, and metal surfaces can block or weaken Wi-Fi signals, resulting in unreliable or non-existent connectivity.

Size, Distance, and Coverage Areas

The large and spread-out floor plans of manufacturing facilities can make providing adequate Wi-Fi coverage across the entire facility challenging. Access points may need to be placed in hard-to-reach areas, and the signal may not be strong enough to penetrate thick walls or metal barriers.

Data Security Vulnerabilities

Businesses of all types often handle sensitive data, including proprietary information, trade secrets, and customer data, making data security a top concern. Wi-Fi networks can be vulnerable to hacking and unauthorized access, which can compromise the entire network’s security.

Motorola Solutions Nitro™ Private LTE Provides Reliable Coverage and Connectivity

What Is Private LTE?

Private LTE is any cellular network run and configured specifically for a specific organization. Only authorized users of that organization have access to the network. The network administrators have full control over the network, including where it will work, how it will work, and which devices have access and priority.

Motorola Solutions Nitro™ PLTE provides four times the range of WiFi (based on 802.11a standard for 5.0 GHz WiFi using similar channel bandwidths) so that manufacturing facilities can deploy enterprise-grade PLTE with unmatched simplicity and control. Nitro PLTE is the first fully-managed Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) platform to combine private broadband data with business-critical voice. 

Nitro PLTE for Manufacturing Facilities

Better Coverage and Reliability

Motorola Solutions Nitro PLTE offers better coverage and reliability compared to WiFi networks. It uses dedicated spectrum and can penetrate obstacles like walls and floors, providing better coverage in hard-to-reach areas. In fact, even outdoor and remote areas that are difficult to cover with WiFi will be covered with Nitro PLTE as it has a range that can extend up to one mile from each installed base.

Improved Security

Motorola Solutions Nitro PLTE provides better security compared to WiFi networks. Nitro PLTE uses encryption to protect data in transit, and the use of dedicated spectrum reduces the risk of interference and unauthorized access. Additionally, Nitro PLTE can be configured only to allow authorized devices to connect, further enhancing security.

Your organization’s employees and visitors will still be able to access the public Wi-Fi and LTE networks to conduct their personal business or daily responsibilities, while Nitro PLTE ensures that business-critical equipment like wireless sensors and SCADA RTUs remain connected, secure, and uninterrupted.

Nitro PLTE for Manufacturing Facilities

Low Latency and High Bandwidth

Motorola Solutions Nitro PLTE offers low latency and high bandwidth, making it ideal for real-time data transfer applications. This is particularly important in manufacturing facilities, where machines and equipment need to communicate in real-time to ensure smooth operations. Nitro PLTE also offers priority access, ensuring that critical data is always transmitted without delay.

Comprehensive Solution

Motorola Solutions Nitro PLTE offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturing facilities, including access points, edge devices, and network management tools. The solution is designed to be easily scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each facility. It also provides for greater device capacity across the entire facility, supporting the growing number of connections needed to support your line workers, foreman, engineering teams, and all of their laptops, tablets, radios, scanners, and more. 

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