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Motorola Solutions’ Nitro PLTE Powers Logistics Operations and Facilities

For On-Time and On-Budget Operations, Logistics Companies Require Reliable Communication Solutions

Freight terminals (land, sea, and air) and warehouses are chock-full of machinery, personnel, radio devices, tablets, scanners, large shipping containers, and – of course – innumerable crates, boxes, and packages. They run on incredibly tight timelines – offloading ships to get the cargo onto trains, trucks, or planes to move it inland and distribute it throughout the country so that consumers receive their goods in a timely, seemingly-effortless manner.

Ensuring that everything is delivered on time and on budget is an incredibly intricate process with multiple moving parts. Logistics companies’ day-in and day-out business are complicated enough without throwing technical problems into the mix. 

Challenges Logistics Companies Face With Wi-Fi

As our society and economy develop into a much more interconnected, digital world than ever before, logistics companies are bearing the brunt of a new way of life. Consumers expect to receive packages from around the world within a few short days. In some instances, same-day delivery is becoming the norm in major cities and growing suburbs. 

Coordinating incoming freight, orders received, parcels to be packed and shipped, packages in transit, and getting them to the door on time is an incredible feat. But the daily influx of shipments – and the ever-increasing amount of them arriving in large shipping containers – makes managing it more complex. 

With traditional Wi-Fi, logistics companies often struggle with poor signal within their facilities or around their ports for a number of reasons, not least of all the large shipping containers, heavy machinery such as forklifts, trucks, and cranes, and hundreds – or even thousands – of rows of metal shelving holding products that block the signal. Additionally, a massive increase in the number of daily shipments means an enormous increase in the number of tracking tags, scanners, radios, and mobile devices on the floor – all of which cause congestion on the network. 

Finally, logistics companies require an immense amount of security equipment at their facilities. Not only does this equipment prevent intruders or capture video of nefarious deeds in real-time, but certain elements, such as access control solutions, ensure that only trusted individuals are allowed into certain areas and can help operations personnel determine workflow and personnel patterns. Surveillance equipment can also be used for incident reporting, both for criminal activity and in the event of workplace injuries or incidents. 

Reliable Coverage and Connectivity for Logistics Businesses with Nitro™ Private LTE

While Wi-Fi is an excellent solution for most residences and many traditional corporate offices, businesses can often struggle with their network operations when they have extensive facilities or many devices that are transferring data and need to be connected simultaneously (or all of the time).

Private LTE networks (PLTE) enable logistics businesses to create secure networks that can support all their devices and security equipment and mitigate network congestion, slower speeds, and signal breakdowns that many logistics companies experience. PLTE also enables organizations to deploy IoT sensors, remote monitoring and reporting, and automation capabilities to help streamline operations and increase efficiencies which, in turn, increase revenue.

Motorola Solutions’ Nitro PLTE delivers lightning-fast and ultra-secure data, video, and voice connectivity throughout your distribution facility, in addition to:

Total Management and Control

Your wireless network should be a tool to help your business operate and grow, not something that requires near-constant attention to function properly. With cloud-based controls, Motorola Solutions’ Nitro PLTE provides network managers within logistics environments full access control without having to manage each device individually.

Simple Infrastructure

With ready-to-go hardware, Motorola Solutions’ PLTE creates a robust network that’s easy to deploy and scale. All you need is an internet connection and your system can get up and running the same day our installers arrive.


With MCA and Nitro, your solution will be fully managed end-to-end. We’ll ensure that your network is always up-to-date and that your business benefits as new advancements to PLTE technology are rolled out. 

High-Capacity Data

With Motorola Solutions’ Nitro PLTE, your logistics facility will gain greater device capacity to support your distribution operations and the various devices that require connectivity while being easily scalable as your business grows.

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