On January 16, 2019, Motorola Solutions announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission's importation ban and cease-and-desist orders related to certain Hytera products are now in effect. The expiration of the mandatory 60-day presidential review period, which enabled the product ban to become effective, marks a clear and final victory for Motorola Solutions against Hytera.

The ban means that all Hytera products infringing Motorola Solutions' U.S. Patent Nos. 7,369,869, 7,729,701 and 8,279,991 are excluded from the U.S. market, including the following:

- Radios (Subscribers):MD652, MD782, BD302, BD362, BD502, PD412, PD502, PD562, PD602, PD662, PD682, PD702, PD752, PD782, PD792, PD982, X1e and X1p; and

- Repeaters: RD622 and RD982.

The ITC also rejected Hytera's request for a repair and service exception, meaning that neither Hytera nor any third-party repair provider will be able to import replacement parts or perform any sort of service for infringing products imported or sold before January [16], 2019.

Motorola Solutions embraces legitimate competition and believes that robust, fair competition drives innovation and benefits our customers and our industry as a whole. We are committed to vigorously defending our valuable intellectual property for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders around the world.

As a reminder, Motorola Solutions' infringed patents cover a variety of innovative technologies in use in today's two-way radios and repeaters. The patents relate to:

- Motorola Solutions' Fast Scan technology, which enables a subscriber radio to scan through a list of radio frequency channels quickly to find important transmissions;

- Motorola Solutions' Rapid Re-key technology, which ensures that messages are repeated even after a repeater de-keys, thereby significantly reducing message delay and eliminating dropped transmissions; and

- Motorola Solutions' TDMA Direct Mode Pseudo Trunking technology, increases the number of calls that can take place and significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to set up a new call.

Hytera's assertions that core aspects of its products do not infringe Motorola Solutions' patents have been clearly disproven. Motorola Solutions believes this should be of serious concern to Hytera's distributors, resellers and, most of all, its customers.

This news is a significant victory for Motorola Solutions against Hytera. Over the last several years, Motorola Solutions has invested significant resources to become a leading provider of two-way radio equipment and systems. As a company, Motorola Solutions pride themselves on innovation, and on behalf of their customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders, Motorola Solutions will continue to defend our proprietary technology and investments in innovation.