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Fleet Upfitting and Vehicle Lighting Solutions

MCA has more than 80 locations across 13 states where our expert technicians will upfit the vehicles in your fleet. Upfitting is a common way to equip the vehicles in your fleet with the tools your people need to do their jobs effectively.

Whether you need computer mounting equipment for your commercial drivers or enhanced light bars for your emergency vehicles, we have you covered. Our fleet upfitting services offer you a completely customizable and cost-effective solution. Our highly skilled installation teams will transform your fleet, ensuring that you and your organization are road-ready for whatever awaits.

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What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Upfitting from MCA?

Upfitting your fleet empowers you to customize your vehicles to meet the exact needs of your organization. On the simplest level, this could mean adding a toolbox to your utility trucks to give technicians greater access to what they need. On the other hand, fleet upfitting could mean that you entirely remake the interior and exterior of your vehicles, adding sirens to roofs and laptop mounts in passenger seats.

When you choose MCA as your fleet upfitting professional, you can expect the following benefits:

  • A Lower TCO: The total cost of ownership (TCO) plays a big role in deciding how you should upfit your vehicles. At MCA, we will show you how making certain modifications to your vehicles now pays off in the long run.
  • Increased Driver Productivity: When your drivers need to scramble to locate the equipment they need, this makes them less productive. For public safety agencies, a lack of productivity in terms of your first responders having adequate space in their mobile offices is a literal matter of life and death.
  • Improved Safety: Adding light bars or interior lighting to your emergency response vehicles increase their visibility on the road, especially at night. Let other drivers know that you’re coming with our best-in-class vehicle lighting solutions.
  • A Better ROI: Regardless of the industry or organization you’re in, fleet managers can all relate to wanting a better ROI on the vehicles in their fleet. Upfitting not only helps you reduce the costs of maintaining your vehicle but also helps you avoid accidents and needless insurance claims.

Vehicle Console Systems and Mounts

Installing a vehicle console system is about freeing up space in your vehicle, giving drivers an ergonomic and logical way to access equipment, and protecting expensive in-car assets. MCA’s expert technicians have decades of experience creating the best environment for your truly mobile workforce. MCA partners with top manufacturers such as HAVIS to offer you the best vehicle console systems and in-car mounts. 

Dash and Pedestal Mounts

Our dash and pedestal mounts offer your commercial drivers and first responders optimal viewing, along with easy access to their computers and other necessary devices and equipment.


Center consoles from MCA are ergonomically designed to make your equipment easy to see and within reach at all times. Surface mount center consoles free up space in your vehicles to improve driver performance.

Overhead Consoles

With our diverse array of overhead consoles, fleet managers can easily mount light and siren controls behind the rearview mirror. This mounting frees up space in your vehicle for all your other equipment.

Vehicle Storage Boxes

With our purpose-built steel storage boxes in your vehicle, you can safely and securely store equipment and devices that require extra protection. These boxes are ideal for field service vehicles in a number of industries.

Light Bars for Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles need to be fitted with the correct lights to ensure that they are able to travel safely during an emergency situation. It’s also important to understand your local government’s rules and regulations when it comes to lighting for your emergency vehicles. MCA’s vast expertise in emergency fleet upfitting guarantees that you will have the best, code-conforming light bars and other lights for your emergency vehicle fleet.


Our compact lightheads are designed for a number of applications and come with diverse mounting options. Used both on the interior and exterior of your vehicle, our lightheads come in a variety of colors and illuminations.

Whelen Emergency Lightbars

LED Light Bars

LED light bars have become very popular for police, EMTs, and fire and rescue vehicles. LED emergency lights last a long time, and they can be seen in sunlight and at great distances, making them a go-to for emergency vehicles.

Interior Lights

With lighting solutions for the dash, deck, and visor of your vehicles, MCA offers subtle warning lights with flexible mounting. Our dash and visor lights are built for easy transport, with illumination options to fit your vehicle’s applications.

Sirens for Emergency Vehicles

Both lights and sirens are important components of your emergency vehicles. Having a siren system that performs on your emergency vehicle is critical to alert other drivers on the road. Emergency vehicle sirens help you reduce response times and save lives. They are an essential part of any emergency fleet upfitting solution. MCA carries a full inventory of light bars, sirens, and speaker systems for public safety (police, fire, EMS) vehicles, tow trucks, utility field service vehicles from top manufacturers like Whelen.

We install compact speakers that deliver powerful traffic-clearing capability, and sirens that issue deep tones capable of penetrating other vehicles, alerting drivers and pedestrians of your approach so they can clear the way.

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MCA is a specialty provider of vehicle upfitting, networking, connectivity, and communication solutions.

With over 80 strategically placed offices across 13 states, we can rapidly deploy our skilled technicians and engineers to configure and install radio and cellular communications devices as well as vehicle computers, lights, sirens, camera systems, and more.

Partner with MCA to be your turn-key provider for fleet management solutions. Contact us today to request a free consultation to discuss your vehicle management needs.

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