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Two-Way Radio Solutions

MCA delivers the best two-way radio solutions for your organization. Even in the era of cell phones and smartphones, two-way radios remain the easiest and best way for your employees to communicate. Push-to-Talk (PTT) radio communication is instantaneous, giving your organization the ability to address business- and mission-critical incidents quickly and efficiently.

Some business owners may have an unfavorable view of hand-held radios. They typically imagine bulky and cumbersome old-fashioned devices that are no longer relevant for modern organizations. But today’s two-way radio solutions from MCA are a long way from the radios you remember growing up. As a premier channel partner of Motorola Solutions, we offer the sleekest and most stylish radios on the market.

With unparalleled voice clarity, a durability and ruggedness designed for those in heavy industries, and the intelligence of a smartphone, two-way radios from Motorola Solutions give you everything your business needs for world-class voice and data communications.

If you need better communication for your business or organization, check out our complete two-way radio solutions below.

Two Way Radio Solutions for Small Business

Two-Way Radios and Accessories

Your two-way radio solution begins with your actual radios and accessories. Whether you need reliable communication that doesn’t rely on spotty cellular networks or work in an industry that demands instant voice communication, you need a radio that fits your needs and business goals. When you purchase one of Motorola Solutions’ two-way radios through MCA, you gain a valuable partner to help you program your radios, acquire FCC licenses, and ensure that you’re receiving the most cost-effective two-way radio solution.

construction worker using two-way radio
Two way radio use for construction sites

Communications Infrastructure

When your organization needs to cover a wide area or you need professional communication across multiple locations, MCA’s two-way radio and communication systems give you a boost. From radio repeaters to MOTOTRBO’s trunked systems, we possess the expertise to extend and expand your radios’ signals. When it comes to extending your cellular signal, we offer Motorola Solutions’ best-in-class private LTE network (Nitro) and distributed antenna systems (DAS) to improve coverage in your building or across the scope of your operations.

Dispatch Centers

Public safety agencies need top-shelf dispatch consoles, dispatch center furniture, and software solutions to protect their community and save lives. Many of MCA’s dispatching solutions are designed for public safety agencies in law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical teams. If you manage commercial fleets for deliveries, school buses, or a warehousing and transportation enterprise, our dispatching solutions help you stay ahead in managing your vehicles.

Security on two way radio

Command and Control Center Software

With command and control center software from MCA, first responders and private security teams need to receive actionable intelligence. On the front line of transmitting mission-critical information, dispatchers need a way to streamline and act upon the information coming into their centers. With MCA’s command center software, you can take control of the situation and improve outcomes for your teams.

Industries We Serve

Safe utility worker

Public Safety

Law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and other emergency first responders benefit from our instant Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication solutions. With our dispatch center solutions and command and control center software, your first responders will always receive the mission-critical messages they need to protect citizens and save lives.


Spread out over a wide geographic area, utilities need the ability to communicate with workers in the field. Our radio repeaters and private LTE solution give utilities the ability to stay connected across the scope of their operations. MCA offers the most cost-effective communication solutions for public and private utilities.

School Bus Wi-Fi Solutions


Assisting schools to protect our most precious cargo is central to MCA’s mission of reimagining what safety can be. We have worked with school systems to outfit their buses with mobile dash radios so school administrators can stay in contact — even when buses fall outside of cellular coverage range.


Managers of public and private fleets need reliable in-vehicle radio communication for the safety of both drivers and passengers. Keeping your buses connected to central dispatch helps you monitor and track your fleet. Two-way radio connectivity is the most effective fleet management communication tool.

Factory machinery


Manufacturing businesses need communication infrastructure and radios that allow workers and management to be heard over the sound of noisy machines. With the full portfolio of Motorola Solutions, we have two-way radios designed to fit your plant’s needs in business-critical communications.

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