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Motorola Solution’s Emergency CallWorks Streamlines and Enhances Dispatch Operations

Emergency Callworks

Critical Information Right At Telecommunicators’ Fingertips 

When every second counts, emergency telecommunicators need to have as much information as possible at their fingertips. From the moment they answer a call, they have to be ready to ask the right questions, provide the right answers, and relay all of the relevant information to the first responders in the field. 

However, there are times when the information they’re receiving over the phone isn’t coming in quickly enough – or detailed enough – to provide to the field. In some scenarios, a call may come in where the caller cannot provide any information at all, and it’s up to the telecommunicator and the resources at their disposal to assess the situation and send the appropriate personnel as quickly as possible.

Browser-Based Call Handling Provides Flexibility and Anytime, Anywhere Access 

With Motorola Solution’s Emergency CallWorks Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1), browser-based, call handling solution, telecommunicators can see the mapped location of an incoming call before it’s even answered. They can receive visual information – such as photos or videos – from the caller that can then be used to provide information to the first responders and appended to evidentiary files and case notes for future use.

Streamline Your Workflow 

A seamless and streamlined process allows calls to flow into the system and telecommunicators to receive the information needed – including mapped locations – and then allows for one-touch call transferring and integrated workflow options.

Easily Locate 9-1-1 Callers In Need 

Incoming calls, whether they’re from a cell phone or a landline, are mapped and prioritized as soon as they’re received. Telecommunicators have the ability to review the locations of calls before they’re even answered, giving them a head start on which units they’ll be sending into the field.

Allow Citizens To Send Visual Content 

When citizens need to provide more information or context, Emergency CallWorks allows them to send photo and video content right to the agency’s cloud-based service via an SMS text message. The content is immediately stored to case notes and evidentiary files but won’t be visible to the telecommunicator unless they actively open the file, preventing them from seeing distressing or sensitive imagery.

Benefit From Efficient System Architecture 

With browser-based software, your agency can eliminate hardware taking up space in the server room and issues with drivers and firmware. It’s also flexible enough to easily integrate with other software as needed.

About MCA 

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