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Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral AXS Increases Telecommunicator Efficiency

When Every Second Counts, Telecommunicators Must Be Reliable and Accurate

In the United States, a country made up of over 330 million people, there are over 240 million 9-1-1 calls placed yearly, with just 5,748 public safety answering points – or dispatch centers – managing the call volume. To ensure the safety of the community they serve and the first responders they work with, public safety telecommunicators must be as efficient as possible. The information they capture and share must be reliable, accurate, and – most importantly – immediately available. 

Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral AXS Is Built To Manage Any Situation

As a telecommunicator, providing crucial intelligence to personnel and maintaining safety is non-negotiable, especially when time is of the essence. The abundance of information, resources, and tools available today can be overwhelming, leading to wasted time when switching between multiple applications and screens on the dispatch console to collect data. For this reason, Motorola created the CommandCentral AXS Console, designed through careful observation of public safety telecommunicators to help you confidently and efficiently manage any situation.

The CommandCentral AXS platform offers flexible interaction through touch, typing, or clicking, allowing you to stay connected to your team in the most convenient way. Its resource-centric design enables customization based on your needs, ensuring its ability to grow with your organization. The platform is designed to be highly extensible and capable of supporting future integration with multiple radio systems and dispatch center applications. Regular software releases enhance the platform with new features, improved performance, and essential security updates, ensuring its readiness for the future.

CommandCentral AXS Is Designed To Work For You 

Your agency’s dispatch console should be tailored to your unique needs, rather than your agency adjusting processes to meet the demands of your system. Your public safety telecommunicators can choose how they want to interact with the console – touch, type, or click. The console can be customized to reflect your agency’s identity and procedures for a focused and streamlined experience. The flexible deployment options allow for future growth and adaptability. Some of the highlights of Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral AXS include:

Next Generation Dispatch Experience 

Simplify training and reduce dispatcher stress with intuitive screens that are easy to learn and use.

Cross Platform Integration 

Increase accuracy and efficiency with a secure, intuitive console that integrates siloed systems – from radio dispatch and CAD, to mapping and activity logs.

Seamless Multisystem Access 

Count on reliable integration and expanded interoperable communications across networks, including radio and LTE/broadband systems.

Customizable Branding 

Create a unique visual experience with your choice’s colors, icons, alerts, and tones or choose a predefined theme. Customizable elements include resources, folder groups, buttons, and more.

Light and Dark Modes Available 

Select light or dark mode for optimal viewing in light or dark environments, reducing eye strain.

Configurable Folder and Tab Organization  

Take control of the layout with the ability to quickly and easily organize it how you see fit. With the availability of dynamic and fixed folders, you can always have important resources front and center.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support

For over 30 years, the MCA team has provided expertly tailored solutions to law enforcement and public safety agencies that need video surveillance, security systems, Private LTE networks, and more. We can integrate new systems with your existing ones and completely replace and upgrade them should they no longer meet your needs or federal safety guidelines.

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