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Motorola Nitro PLTE for Construction

Private LTE for Construction Firms

Construction Companies Need Robust Jobsite Connectivity

The construction industry faces a unique set of challenges. On one hand, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) projects construction will grow as an industry by 6% in 2023, meaning more opportunities for contractors. On the other, construction firms and contractors are still plagued by labor shortages and costly project redos.

While 70% of contractors know that their industry needs to go digital in order to become more efficient, only 22% of construction projects use mobile apps for team communication. For the most part, the construction industry is still stuck in the digital dark ages, failing to take advantage of the many communication and network innovations at its disposal.

From IoT devices on the jobsite that assist in project data collection and environmental condition monitoring to worker safety with digital wearables, the future of construction depends on the availability of reliable and robust networking solutions.

An Initial Lack of Infrastructure

Traditionally, when your construction crews arrive on-site, they can expect a complete and total lack of connectivity. Either the site is in a rural or undeveloped area with limited access to cellular networks, or the site is brand new, and hasn’t been wired for communications. Luckily, the first things to be addressed by city workers and private contractors is prepping the site for the four basic utilities: power, water, gas, and internet (fiber).

While waiting for fiber lines to come online, many companies utilize MCA’s cellular networking solutions that are capable of providing instant jobsite connectivity from day one, even if the nearest cell tower is several miles away. However, one of the chief long term complaints from many firms accounting teams, is the cost of wireless data. With security cameras, access control systems, wireless sensors, and various other pieces of constantly connected equipment, those costs can add up.

Luckily for the number crunchers, there is a cost-effective solution for ongoing site connectivity. Once that fiber line is active, the presence (or lack) of nearby cell towers and associated data costs become a moot point. That’s when your site is ready for the enhanced coverage and capacity afforded by Private Cellular Networking (PLTE) solutions.

All PLTE needs is an active fiber line, and you’re good to go. PLTE expands internet coverage and capacity on the jobsite by leveraging the existing T1 line to broadcast wireless connectivity over frequencies in the CBRS radio band (specifically, Band 48). On the construction site, PLTE can connect every device on the jobsite, including heavy machinery, mobile devices, Wi-Fi asset tags, and sensors, as well as anything else that requires a robust, always-on connection.

Nitro Creates Reliable Connectivity to Power IoT Applications and Devices

MCA gives contractors and construction companies the solution they need with Motorola Nitro™ — a private wireless platform that delivers lightning-fast and secure broadband for a variety of use cases in the construction industry. With Nitro, contractors and construction companies can vastly enhance jobsite internet coverage.

For most construction projects, having a PLTE network that delivers coverage across CBRS frequencies is essential to maintaining communications and reliable data.

Many in the construction industry also see the value of PLTE networks as serving multiple purposes and producing natural synergies between contractors and building owners. Transitioning from PLTE network ownership used during the construction phase to the building owners to use for their own in-building communications shows the high potential value of private wireless networks for the industry.

To make Nitro more valuable, we offer interoperable hardware solutions specifically designed to
operate on the same CBRS frequencies as your Private LTE platform:

  • With R500-PLTE routers from Cradlepoint, you can connect your entire jobsite with public carrier Internet, easily switching over to your secure and robust PLTE network when it becomes available.
  • We offer Motorola CBRS-capable two-way radios such as the SLN100 (voice only) and Evolve (voice and data) to help you and your workers communicate clearly across the entire jobsite.
  • And to protect your valuable construction equipment, we provide portable video security trailers connected by PLTE with Avigilon smart cameras with AI predictive analytics.
  • Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads from MCA are purpose-built for rugged environments like those found in the construction industry, and are CBRS compatible.

Private LTE Transforms Your Jobsite

PLTE transforms data transmission, enhances your jobsite communication capabilities, and gives contractors the ability to remotely monitor equipment and processes, helping them to make better, more informed decisions during construction projects.

As a simple plug-and-go solution, all you need to run Motorola Nitro at your construction site is a power source and an internet connection. Nitro will improve team connectivity and data collection for analysis. This means less worker downtime, fewer deadline extensions, and increased revenue for your company.

Nitro Compatible Devices for Construction

And when you consider transferring ownership to the buildings end-users as we previously mentioned, it allows you to include the costs of launching the private network within your customers initial design proposals, further reducing costs while allowing your firm to provide wireless connectivity as value-added service.

MCA Provides Expertly Tailored Communications Solutions

For over 30 years, MCA has provided expertly tailored communications and data solutions to contractors and construction companies of all sizes in need of two-way radios, in and outdoor connectivity, and wireless signal enhancement systems. Our team provides top-tier support for each and every aspect of your business-critical communications projects from start to finish. Our engineers assess your needs, design custom solutions, and install systems to suit your organization’s exact requirements.

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