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Monitoring and Repairing Production Line Equipment With IoT Sensors and Collaborative Communication

Manufacturing Equipment Requires Routine Maintenance And Immediate Response

The equipment in a manufacturing facility is carefully designed and maintained to run for extended periods – with designated “cool off” periods – to keep production levels high. However, even a perfectly tuned schedule and rigorous maintenance plan won’t prevent the equipment from requiring new parts due to regular wear and tear or defect. 

Monitoring the equipment with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors allows line supervisors and maintenance teams to review their maintenance schedules and ensure they take the appropriate preventative actions before significant damage occurs.

Automatic Alerting and Robust Communications Ensure Quick Remediation

In the event that a machine suffers a breakdown or failure, the appropriate teams need to know immediately. The machine could grind to a halt, but it could also continue operating improperly, which could cause further damage to the equipment, create a safety hazard on the facility floor, produce low quality components that might fail QA, or otherwise place your workers in harm’s way.


When an equipment sensor fails, an automatic alert is sent from the Motorola Solutions’ ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) via machine failure alert integrations to Motorola’s Control Center Solution and Two-Way Radio devices. As a result, line supervisors are immediately aware of any issues and can begin taking appropriate remediation actions.


Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon cameras with Control Center and CommandCentral Aware allow line supervisors and operational staff to monitor the situation remotely. By doing so, they can determine what may be causing the issue and what steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of staff and prevent further damage to the equipment.


Once the team knows what is causing the issue, a work order ticket is created utilizing one of our many available MotoTRBO integrations, maintenance teams are dispatched via your Avtec Dispatch System, and notifications are sent to all maintenance workers and the plant manager via their WAVE PTX PTT radios. An All Call notification is also automatically sent out to notify teams of the production delay. 


As soon as the maintenance team receives notice of the issue, they can begin remediating the problem. For example, if a part needs to be ordered, they can place the order and then note it on the ticket in your Work Order Ticketing System (such as Teldio).

Then, when the part arrives, the ticket will have all of the information the workers on shift need to get up-to-date on the issue. With Teldio’s integration with MOTOTRBO radios, all relevant parties will receive a notification when the ticket is updated so that they’re all aware of the next steps. A team member can update the ticket to inform the maintenance staff that it has arrived as soon as the part is ready. The appropriate team member will then be assigned to replace the part to restart production and avoid further damage to the equipment. 

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