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SBC In-Building Public Safety Communications Seminars Sponsored by MCA

Event Highlights: SBC In-Building Public Safety Communications Seminar

Join leading industry professionals at one of three dynamic seminars on in-building public safety hosted by SBC and sponsored by MCA. 

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in informative dialogues led by the Safer Buildings Coalition and MCA team (including Thomas Ulrich in Nashville and Greensboro and Kris Kane and John Cabrera in Bethesda.) These discussions will delve into crucial subjects, including radio communications within educational institutions and the efficiency of law enforcement response times.

The agenda, presented by the leadership of the Safer Buildings Coalition and supported by sponsor members, will thoroughly examine the most recent advancements in this field, with topics to include:

  • SBC Mission and Focus, Why ERCES Matters: Dramatic Example of in-building wireless dead zones – from a popular TV show
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT: Dive deeper into firefighter and other public safety operational communication parameters. Police, Fire, and EMS use of radios, fire ground operations, talkaround, trunked radio systems
  • RF and Technology – “Basics Plus”: A deeper dive into Class A & B, Active and Passive, considerations for Campus-type deployments, AGC, Squelch, Near-Far
  • Stakeholders, Process, and Building Owner Key Considerations: Stakeholders: Who are they, and what do they care about? The ERCES Project Process, Building Owner considerations: Have a master Infrastructure Plan
  • Industry Competency, FCC Requirements: New NICET Requirements and why it’s important
  • FCC Rules – Noise and Interference: Highlights on the importance of the Frequency License Holder and the upcoming changes in code language related to this issue. 
  • Codes/Standards: GENERAL – More in-depth detail into the application and misapplication of the requirements, including discussions about the consequences of overreach and visual examples of what not to do 
  • Codes/Standards: LOCAL – Discussion on local issues regarding ERCES: Codes, statutes, radio requirements, area/regional systems
  • Monitoring, Design Considerations, Submittals
  • Testing: Evaluating The Need and System Acceptance
  • The Future of Public Safety Comms: Discuss the future of FirstNet and other technologies for public safety with real-world examples of jurisdictions that have incorporated LTE into their operations.
  • SBC Resources Recap: What can SBC do for the stakeholder, with real-world examples of how SBC has assisted the stakeholder groups. 
  • Town Hall / Q&A (Moderator:  SBC Instructor. Participants: All Speakers)

Registration is free for all Safer Building Coalition members. Non-members can use code MCA2023 to receive a discounted rate.

About The Safer Buildings Coalition

The Safer Buildings Coalition is a not-for-profit social welfare organization founded in 2012. Safer Buildings Coalition aims to ensure that First Responders (Fire, Law Enforcement, and EMS) can use state-of-the-art voice and data communications to communicate with one another inside buildings and to and from their Command Centers outside buildings during an event. 

The shared vision among its members, including leading companies and organizations within the wireless and public safety industries, is to create safer buildings with advanced indoor public communications systems.

About MCA

MCA is one of the largest and most trusted integrators in the United States, offering world-class voice, data, and security solutions that enhance the quality, safety, and productivity of customers, operations, and lives. More than 65,000 customers trust MCA to provide carefully researched solutions for a safe, secure, and more efficient workplace. As your trusted advisor, we reduce the time and effort needed to research, install, and maintain the right solutions to make your workplace better.  

Our team of certified professionals across the United States delivers a full suite of reliable technologies with a service-first approach. The MCA advantage is our extensive service portfolio to support the solution lifecycle from start to finish.

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