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Is Your School Ready for Distance Learning? Get Ready with Nitro

Is Your School Ready for Distance Learning

Author: Nicky Jackson, Marketing Campaign Manager, MCA

Returning to school this fall may look a lot different. As cases of Coronavirus soar, we are faced with the impending reality that it may not be safe to send our children back to school. School districts are working hard right now to develop plans to make sure that quality education is available for all students even if face-to-face instruction is not allowed. The important question right now is: is your school ready for distance learning?

Many schools are currently not in the position to provide distance learning to their students; districts don’t have tablets or laptops for each student and they do not have internet services that cover their entire district. Rural areas with no coverage make it very difficult for students and teachers to access online materials, and households that can’t afford internet makes it impossible for students to keep up with virtual classwork. Thankfully, there is still time to get your schools, teachers and students equipped for distance learning.

Nitro is an excellent option to deploy as your distance learning network. It is affordable, easy to install and gives your district complete control over your school’s network. Nitro provides lightning-fast private broadband data, as well as the necessary coverage and capacity to meet your school’s needs. It can also support a wide range of connected devices including tablets, laptops, smartphones and more.

Benefits of the Nitro Broadband Network:

Provides Broadband internet to students in underserved communities to access school networks

  • Allows students without great internet to gain access to work and attend remote classes
  • Easy to deploy, minimal install in students’ homes, very customizable capacity and coverage
  • Control what students are accessing by using a Private LTE network

With the Nitro Broadband Network, you never have to rely on carriers or cellular service again. Find peace of mind knowing that any student home can be instantly transformed into a classroom with efficient, effective wireless service.

Mobile Communications America (MCA) provides solutions that help teachers communicate and protect students under their care. From integrated GPS that tracks school buses to video surveillance and two-way radios, we offer effective safety and security solutions to schools and campuses. Designed to ease the stress of a school day by opening clear lines of communication and visual support, our various radio, video surveillance, and vehicle tracking selections are guaranteed to provide you with the right fit. Contact an MCA representative today at 1-866-675-9145

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