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Construction Site and Subcontracting Communication and Safety Solutions

Mobile Communications America (MCA) Provides the Best and Most Cost-Effective Construction Site and Subcontracting Communication and Safety Solutions

Whether you need radio communications to connect your workers and foremen, improved cellular coverage, or site safety technologies to protect your team and construction equipment, MCA offers the latest and most advanced solutions as your go-to communication and safety building construction subcontractor.

With all the details general and electrical contractors have to take into consideration, MCA removes the guesswork in keeping workers, supervisors, and others connected on the job site, as well as providing decades of experience in construction safety devices and technologies.

Our experienced teams of engineers and consultants will install, maintain, and monitor all the necessary equipment and infrastructure to ensure seamless on-site communication.

In addition to our on-site construction project safety and communication solutions, MCA also offers public safety systems and wireless communications networks for building owners; our extensive portfolio of in-building electronic security solutions includes video surveillance systems, access control systems, radio systems, and state-of-the-art command centers.

On-Site Construction Communication and Safety Solutions from MCA

Construction Radio Communication Mototrbo

Wireless Devices

Decrease Downtime and Increase the Safety and Security of Your Workplace

Two Way Radios – Immediate Awareness, Efficient Collaborative Response, Instant Group Communications, Indoor Location Tracking, Man Down Sensors, All Call, Emergency Button, Immediate Text and Voice Notifications

Broadband Modems – WIFi/CBRS, Solar Powered Trailer

Rugged Laptops/Tablets/Smartphones – Rugged Hand-helds, Tablets, Laptops, Barcode Readers and Equipment Mounted

Construction Communication Engineering hardware

Wireless Connectivity

Facility Safety, Security, Operational Systems

Two Way Radio Systems – High Noise Performance, Rugged, Intrinsically Sale, Purpose-Built Device, Immediate Team Communications, Site-Specific Coverage Design and Battery Life (often added by owner separately)

Broadband Data & PTT Voice – WIFI/CBRS

Coverage and Capacity Expansion – BDA/DAS, Radio Cellular Coverage and Microsite

Construction Video Surveillance

Video & Access Control

Construction Site Safety and Coordination of Visitors, Subs Employees (OSHA Compliance), Deliveries and Assets

Video Surveillance – Liability Reduction, Remote Monitoring, Loss Reduction, Safety Compliance and Solar Powered Trailer

Access Control – Control Burglar Alarm Systems

MCA IOT Construction Subcontracting


Monitor Performance and Correct Problems Instantly to Keep Personnel Out of Harms Way

M2M Wireless Broadband – Long-Range Wireless Data/Video/Voice Transmission

SCADA – Building Automation, Asset Tracking, Trailers Heavy Equipment, Vehicles and Lifts

Emergency Notification – Mass Notification, Weather Alerts, Evacuation, Safety Plan Protocols and Response Plan Protocols

Building End-User Communication Solutions from MCA

MCA Cellular Enhancement Construction Subcontracting

Expanded Cellular Coverage and Capacity

From office parks to hospitals, MCA has collaborated with general contractors and construction crews to install in-building distributed antenna systems (BDA/DAS) to expand cellular coverage throughout thousands of buildings, eliminating dead zones.

Public Safety Systems

New constructions require Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) to achieve Fire Code certification. Save time and money by ensuring your building is safety compliant and you can connect to first responders in case of an emergency.

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MCA Construction Subcontracting

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