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In-Airport Wireless Coverage Enhancements

DAS Solutions for Airport Communications Infrastructure Enhancements

Critical Communications for Airport Safety and Security

International, regional, and local airports must adhere to a myriad of regulations and have some of the most comprehensive security needs in the world. In addition regulatory compliance and their security concerns, airport operators also look for ways to improve passenger experiences. It falls to airport IT teams to ensure their communications networks can support meeting those regulatory guidelines and security needs, while also supporting goals for increased passenger satisfaction. That’s where PSR and Cellular DAS systems are key.

Business Overview | Ensuring Compliance, Security, and Traveler Experiences

The scale most airports is immense — as is the scale of their communications networks. Their personnel are regularly assigned LMR and Wi-Fi capable two-ways radios to reliably and clearly communicate within and across terminals, check-in counters, baggage handling areas, parking facilities, and more.

While teams are often spread out within their facilities, many operate both in and outside their buildings; like security guards, TSA agents, baggage handlers, and more.

Regardless of the jobs their people perform or their locations, each must quickly and effectively communicate their needs in real-time — whether reporting threats to safety or simply coordinating daily activities. To do so requires reliable and pervasive wireless network coverage.

Carrier-Grade Airport DAS Solutions

Much like airport employees, travelers feel their communications are important. In today’s age, an inability to connect to the people you work with, and those you love, spikes anxiety levels and leads to dissatisfaction. That’s why airports are looking to upgrade terminals with solutions that not only address their communications needs, but those of passengers as well.

Current Challenge | Improving and Integrating In-Building Wireless Coverage Systems

The key function of an airport is to transport people and goods from point A to point B as safely as humanly possible. When a team member identifies a threat, a garbled or partial transmission can prevent response teams from taking immediate action.

Communications system failures put TSA agents, airport staff, and travelers at unacceptable levels of risk. Because of this, most airports require specialized radio enhancement systems throughout their facilities to eliminate dead spots and enhance clarity across terminals, baggage facilities, stairwells, parking garages, and other areas known for poor reception.

Solution Overview | Signal Enhancing DAS Solutions for Airports

Distributed Antenna Systems, known by the acronym D.A.S. are an integral part of communications systems for new and existing structures. They can be configured to not only enhance standard radio coverage, but cellular signals and emergency responder radio coverage (PSR and ERRC) as well — helping ensure airport staff, customers, and emergency responders, can effectively communicate when need arises. When properly configured, installed, and tested, our PSR and Cellular DAS solutions work to measurably increase radio and cellular coverage across your facility’s entire footprint.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support

We can integrate new systems in with your existing systems, as well as completely replace and upgrade your systems should they no longer meet requirements. For over 30 years, the team at MCA has provided expertly tailored solutions to organizations within the transportation sector in need of two-way radios, signal enhancement systems, PLTE networks, and more.

We provide top-tier support for every aspect of your mission-critical communications projects. Our techs assess your needs, engineer customized solutions, and install hardware that fits your exacting organizations’ requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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