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How Can EMS Personnel Prepare for COVID-19?

How Can EMS Personnel Prepare

Author: Nicky Jackson, Marketing Campaign Manager, MCA

In coronavirus epicenters such as New York, emergency medical service personnel are already in the midst of unprecedented call volumes, an onslaught of patients and new duties on top of long work hours, all while their work force is being reduced due to infection or exposure to COVID-19. EMS and other public safety personnel have to respond to their normal calls in addition to the COVID-19 cases, all while following extreme hygiene protocol; fully dressed in PPE, 6 feet away from non-patients and fully cleaning all inside surfaces of the ambulance after every call… You may ask, how can emergency medical service personnel around the U.S. prepare for COVID-19?

Here are a few areas to focus on that will improve preparation and implementation of new processes, procedures and communication needs during this pandemic.

Remote Area Connection

Many EMS personnel are already aiding local hospitals in transporting COVID-19 patients to other facilities, assisting with drive through testing sites and triaging medical needs in parking lots. A convenient and dependable way to communicate needs quickly when you are outside of the actual medical facility is with use of a two-way radio. They are affordable, easy to set up and can be used immediately to assist with organizing patients and staff.

Expanded Capacity

When call volumes are high and capacity is being pushed to the limits remember there are a few ways to improve your two-way radio capacity; 1) make sure you are using all channels and work groups properly 2) add temporary repeaters or additional radios to the system 3) use alternate methods of communicating such as sharing over smartphones or tablets with the WAVE technology.

Ease of Use for Drivers

Easy to use devices and communication tools are of high importance to EMS personnel especially during a period of crisis and constant workload. Intercom systems are an excellent tool that can allow drivers to communicate with other staff within the ambulance while in route to an emergency or to the hospital. This allows your team to provide the best patient care possible while managing the noise and distractions of the emergency at hand.

Mobile Communications America (MCA) is here to provide Public Safety and Healthcare facilities critical safety and security solutions. Whether you need temporary or long-term solutions MCA can provide immediate deployment with a no hassle, turn-key solution that fits your unique needs. If you would like to find out the best solutions for your unique situation call an MCA Representative today 800-596-8205.

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