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Watchguard License Plate Recognition

Bringing Actionable Intelligene to Reality

Data may be one of the most powerful tools in our public safety arsenal. But without the right technology to make sense of it, data alone is often overwhelming and of limited use.

For officers, this is especially daunting. The need for automation and acting on intelligence is more apparent now than ever. The WatchGuard 4RE Mobile ALPR Solution uses vehicle license plate detection and a national database of 10+ billion plate detections to provide real-time, in-vehicle actionable intelligence. This increases patrol officer safety, proactively interrupts crimes and delivers more leads.

LEARN advanced analytics is the backbone of the 4RE ALPR solution. All plate information captured is streamlined to help turn routine data into actionable intelligence when the nexus to criminal activity is revealed.

By producing a common plate analysis of crime patterns, identifying potential associates of known vehicles associated with criminal activity or locating identified vehicles of interest based on area, your team can respond safer and more efficiently.

Watchguard Panoramic camera


1280x720 HD Rotatable Turret Camera

1280×720 HD Rotatable Turret Camera

CarDetector Software

CarDetector Software

Panoramic X2, Zero Sightline or Mini Zoom Camera

Panoramic X2, Zero Sightline or Mini Zoom Camera

LEARN Investigative Suite

LEARN Investigative Suite

Evidence Library 4 Web

Evidence Library 4 Web

Cellular Network Connection

The complete solutions requires the WatchGuard Panoramic X2, Zero Sightline or Mini Zoom Camera, 4RE in-car system, WatchGuard CarDetector Mobile (CDM) software, Vigilant LEARN database annual subscription and cellular connection to the cloud.

The Results

Increased Officer Safety

Provide officers with immediate actionable intelligence about a vehicle before approaching it, helping to distinguish between a routine traffic infraction stop and something potentially more serious.

Proactively Interrupt Crimes

97% of all car thieves commit additional crimes beyond the vehicle theft, oftentimes involving the stolen vehicle. Actively reading license plates can alert officers to vehicles of interest in real-time, potentially interrupting a string of crimes.

More Leads More Solved Cases

Vigilant’s exclusive nationwide commercial data, historical data collected by the agency, and other agencies that elect to share their data, fuel powerful and patented analytics within the LEARN investigative platform.

How It Works

Scan License Plate


HD in-car camera detects vehicle’s plate stopped in front of the patrol car.

Detect Matching License Plate


Software on Mobile Car Detector immediately reads the detection and searches for matching plate of interest

Act on information from detection


Within seconds, officer is notified if the plate has been flagged on a local or national database.

In Action

Safer Traffic Stops: Real-Time Actionable Intelligence for Situational Awareness.

The license plate of a stolen vehicle is loaded into an active hotlist, which is shared across agencies and jurisdiction.

An officer pulls over a vehicle of interest and upon approach, the license plate is read and the WatchGuard CarDetector Mobile software sounds an alert, indicating this vehicle is on a hotlist, registered as “STOLEN”.

This information provided invaluable situational awareness to the officer who can take the necessary precautions and actions to effect a safe car stop.

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Installation Services

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