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Commercial Asset Tracking

Fleet and Field Asset Management

Every year, logistics and warehousing companies lose billions of dollars in inventory due to mismanagement of shipments. It is estimated that the U.S. food retail industry alone loses a staggering $20 billion dollars in potential sales because items are out of stock or spoiled.

At MCA, we power the systems of RFID and Wi-Fi enabled asset tagging that enable fleet and inventory asset managers to track the location of merchandise and goods from the time it is loaded onto your vehicles until it reaches the store shelves.

With our dynamic cellular connectivity solutions, you can track the precise location and movement of merchandise and inventory on your vehicles. Our expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining the best-in-class cellular networks ensures that you will never lose expensive and critically important assets again.

Our networks and devices for vehicle tracking and deployment ensures that you will no longer need to write off lost or stolen pallets. With geofencing and real-time automatic movement alerts, you will know where the vehicles in your fleet are at every point and time.

Effectively manage your inventory, merchandise, and equipment across your entire logistics fleet from a single pane of glass with MCA.

IoT-Enabled Asset Tracking Solutions

The potential for IoT-enabled asset tracking is tremendous.

If you use RFID and Wifi asset tags to keep track of expensive inventory, deploy asset tags equipped with temperature sensors to ensure that food doesn’t spoil and life-saving vaccines don’t go bad en route, or monitor vehicles in your fleet for unforeseen delays, you already understand the benefits of IoT for enterprise logistics.

Yet 40% of companies that use IoT sensors and devices for fleet asset management experience connectivity problems.

Partnering with MCA will free you from the exorbitant costs that occur when your IoT sensors and asset tagging systems lose connection.

Our cellular networking solutions and devices—the powerful routers, gateways, and antennas that enable your asset managers to track your fleet across the globe—lay the groundwork for building a viable and robust IoT-enabled asset tracking system.

Tracking Solutions for Field Asset Management

MCA empowers asset managers to track their inventory by granting them real-time intelligence to the location and deployment of all the vehicles in their fleet. With vehicle tracking systems, you can achieve a comprehensive picture of the location of all the vehicles in your fleet.

Real-Time GPS Telematics

A fundamental aspect of efficient management and ensuring safety is rooted in having accurate knowledge of the whereabouts of both individuals and assets.

By utilizing Esri ArcGIS solutions from MCA partners like CompassCom, individuals can enjoy improved command and control across various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows them to access real-time asset location information through a unified operational view.

The inclusion of features such as replay, dashboards, and on-the-fly analytics further enhances operational excellence by leveraging location intelligence. This comprehensive approach empowers users with reliable results they can rely on.

Such solutions allow organizations to turn their two-way radios, laptops, and other connected devices into traceable and trackable field assets.

Radio Tracking with CompassComm Solutions

AVL GPS Fleet Management

Vehicle tracking systems use GPS with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) in individual vehicles to give overall fleet data.

AVL GPS fleet management systems can be either active or passive. Active in-vehicle tracking systems include devices that transmit data in real-time via cellular networks to fleet managers.

In order to accurately locate vehicles in your fleet, you need robust and reliable cellular devices capable of transmitting a GPS tracking signal to your fleet managers. MCA installs and maintains the devices your organization needs to keep track of your vehicles and the assets they transport.

Dead Reckoning Vehicle Navigation

Dead reckoning is a high-end automotive navigation system similar to GPS.

Dead reckoning vehicle navigation comes into play when cellular service is cut off. It allows dispatchers to determine the approximate location of vehicles based on their last known location, speed, and route.

MCA’s routers, gateways, and antennas give dispatchers critical historical details for locating vehicles through Dead reckoning when cellular service drops.

CAD Vehicle Tracking

When your emergency service vehicles can’t find a location, public safety is jeopardized. When your city’s buses aren’t where they need to be, riders become discouraged and upset.

CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch) Vehicle Tracking is a computerized system of dispatching that solves the needless headaches and hassle of people having to route and reroute field service vehicles, ride-share vehicles, mass transit vehicles, and emergency service vehicles, among others.

With CAD, the vehicles in your fleet will be sent where and when they are needed.

To optimize use, CAD should be integrated with geographic information systems and automatic vehicle location (AVL).

MCA provides the in-vehicle cellular devices critical to the operation of computer-aided dispatch systems.

Asset Tracking Solutions By Industry

trbomax MCA Transportation Solutions


For logistics and warehousing, keeping track of inventory and merchandise from the time it is loaded onto your truck to its journey through your warehouse is of critical importance.

The IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions that have come to play such a critical role in fleet asset management rely on establishing the reliable and robust cellular connections that MCA provides.

Fire Fighter In-Vehicle Communications

Public Safety

Emergency medical services cannot determine where and when an emergency will occur. When deploying emergency response vehicles to the scene of an accident, EMS drivers rely on CAD systems.

Automating your processes of dispatching and tracking your EMS vehicles eliminates human error. Computer-aided dispatch systems with cellular devices supplied by MCA save lives and asset trackers prevent the loss of expensive equipment.

Public bus


Public transportation systems in cities across the United States have increasingly come to rely on vehicle tracking systems such as AVL and GPS to manage their bus fleets and other modes of public transit.

MCA’s vehicle connectivity solutions for transportation systems improves dispatch and route times, enhances the rider experience, and increases security for both your drivers and passengers.

School Bus Wi-Fi Solutions


A school bus full of children heads far away from the route it should normally be traveling. This nightmare scenario demonstrates the need for in-vehicle cellular connections for school buses.

With MCA’s cellular solutions, school districts across the country can equip their buses with geofencing technology, enabling school administrators and security to pinpoint their location at all points in time.

Utilities Field Service Vehicle Networking


Expensive equipment such as bucket trucks, cranes, and other field service vehicles are an important part of any utility. Keep track of your equipment assets with GPS-enabled vehicle routers and antennas from MCA.

With our cellular solutions for asset tracking, you can not only discover the location of equipment assets and vehicles across your entire field of operations, but gather important diagnostic information from them as well.


Remote monitoring for the refrigeration of vaccines requires sensors that provide accurate temperature, power and activity readings. MCA has access to the manufacturers of these sensors.

We also have cellular connectivity solutions that enable you to monitor vaccine shipments. Ensure that shipments of life-saving vaccines or biological materials don’t go bad in transit with our end-to-end monitoring.

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