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Designing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) With Carrier Partnerships

DAS Design Requires Comprehensive Site Surveys and Assessments

When designing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for new construction, a comprehensive site survey and assessment is one of the most important phases of the process. Without a full understanding of the building’s layout, use, traffic patterns, and coverage “dead zones,” designing a DAS that will meet the needs of inhabitants becomes a game of luck rather than a strategic mission.

While the traditional aspects of assessing the building’s layout, materials, and potential sources of interference are crucial, another aspect of this phase can significantly impact the DAS’s performance and cost-effectiveness: identifying major network carriers with a strong presence in the intended building location.

Carrier Partnerships Can Yield Significant Benefits

Incorporating carrier partnerships into your DAS design’s comprehensive site survey and assessment phase is a strategic move that can yield significant benefits. It’s not just about optimizing performance – by identifying major carriers in the area and aligning your DAS design with their needs, you set the stage for a successful, cost-effective, and future-proof wireless connectivity solution for your new construction project.

Some ways that working with carriers during your DAS design phase include:

Leveraging Carrier Partnerships

Identifying major carriers that already have a strong network presence in the area can open doors to potential partnerships. If a particular carrier has a vested interest in ensuring optimal coverage within a building (ie: a pre-existing customer base), they may be more willing to collaborate on the DAS deployment. These partnerships can be incredibly beneficial in terms of cost-sharing and infrastructure utilization.

Reducing Costs Through Shared Infrastructure

Carrier partnerships can lead to substantial cost reductions. Instead of each carrier independently deploying its own DAS, which involves duplicating infrastructure and costs, a shared DAS can simultaneously serve multiple carriers’ needs. This collaborative approach saves on upfront installation costs and streamlines ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Streamlining DAS Design

Collaborating with carriers during the site survey and assessment phase helps to design a DAS that aligns with their specific frequency bands and technologies. This level of alignment ensures that the DAS is optimized for the carriers’ requirements, leading to enhanced performance and reliability.

Regulatory Compliance

In some regions, regulatory bodies may require or encourage collaboration between building owners and carriers to improve wireless connectivity, especially for public safety DAS. Being aware of these regulations and engaging carriers during the planning stage ensures that your DAS design complies with local laws and codes.

Ensuring Future-Proofing

By involving carriers in the site survey, you gain insights into their long-term plans for network expansion and technology upgrades. This information can inform your DAS design to ensure it remains adaptable to future carrier technologies and frequencies. It’s a proactive approach to future-proofing your wireless infrastructure.

Negotiating Agreements

During this phase, discussions about partnership agreements should begin. These agreements can outline each party’s responsibilities, cost-sharing arrangements, access to infrastructure, and maintenance responsibilities. Having these details ironed out in advance can facilitate a smoother implementation process.

Addressing Carrier Needs

Engaging with carriers early allows you to address their specific needs and concerns regarding the DAS. This proactive approach can help build strong working relationships and foster a collaborative atmosphere throughout the project.

Carriers We Have Relationships With

DAS Carrier Partnerships with Verizon
DAS Carrier Partnerships with AT&T
DAS Carrier Partnerships with FirstNet
DAS Carrier Partnerships with T-Mobile
DAS Carrier Partnerships with US Cellular

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