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Microwave Backhaul Solutions

How Does Microwave Transmission for Broadband Work?

Microwave networks distribute voice, video, and data by microwave antennas and towers over a wide geographic area and in a long-haul capacity. Microwave towers and antennas pick up broadband signals at distributed sites and deliver them to a centralized location. MCA builds cost-effective microwave networks for the transmission of IP data for both everyday and mission-critical applications.

Designed to transport low latency, highly-reliable, and high-capacity wireless coverage, our microwave backhaul networks function in both an all-indoor and all-outdoor capacity. MCA offers the full Nokia Wavence portfolio for microwave communication. The products in Nokia’s Wavence catalog include a number of Microwave Packet Transport (MPT) units in both indoor and outdoor configurations.

Infinity Technology Solutionsa key part of the data solutions team at MCA, is Nokia’s master value-added distributor in the United States. Infinity, along with MCA, is able to use their experience in microwave, MPLS, and optical technology to assist our channel partners in designing and implementing next generation of networking technologies.

What Are the Benefits of Microwave Communication?​

As mobile and internet service providers transition from 4G to 5G, bandwidth and capacity needs will grow exponentially. Many home and business service providers and carriers are already facing a strain to their capacity (and their budgets) in providing universal broadband coverage—especially to remote and densely-populated locations.

Using the most advanced radio technologies, MCA’s low latency microwave backhaul networks support applications with higher bandwidth needs, providing coverage to our country’s remote corners and crowded urban centers.

Microwave networks have emerged as a superior technology—which has been utilized in communications since the 1930s—in the delivery of high-quality voice, video, and data. With the ability to expand bandwidth for internet service providers and other organizations with great bandwidth needs, MCA has been at the forefront of using radio frequencies in a backhaul capacity for industrial networking solutions for enterprises and service providers for decades.

Our microwave networks are the gold standard of the industry.

Industries Our Microwave Solutions Serve

Collaborating with our clients in devising industrial networking solutions, and working with service providers to offer their customers a better broadband experience is the commitment we make to you.

Our veteran team of engineers, project managers, designers, installation experts, and maintenance professionals will design, stage, and install your microwave network solution.

Utilities Field Service Vehicle Networking


When building a critical infrastructure network for the utilities, point-to-point microwave networks are designed to protect against failure, giving your utility high-network reliability. Mission-critical microwave networks are constructed to provide 5x greater reliability than traditional broadband networks.

To protect against potential failure, microwave networks from MCA are configured in a ring to provide circuit redundancy, keeping your utilities’ critical infrastructure always online.

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Service Providers

Meeting the needs of their evolving and growing customer base, as well as preparing for the coming of 5G, means that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are under constant pressure to expand capacity and coverage. With MCA microwave networks, ISPs can offer reliable broadband coverage to the remotest of locations.

MCA’s wireless backhaul solutions expand service to those living and working outside the network. With our solutions, ISPs, WISPs, and Telcos can significantly raise their service levels without adversely affecting their bottom line.



Trains and rail service have increasingly come to require greater bandwidth and capacity than traditional broadband coverage can offer. When you take into account the entertainment and internet needs of passengers, along with video monitoring and control systems, microwave networks offer an alternative for railways with greater coverage and capacity than typical broadband networks.

At MCA, our microwave networks offer trains last-mile connectivity, ensuring that you stay connected from the start of your journey to its’ ends.

Fire Fighter In-Vehicle Communications

Public Safety

With Nokia’s Wavence portfolio at MCA’s disposal, we provide a range of flexible and expandable microwave backhaul network options for first responders, law enforcement, and other public safety agencies. MCA backhaul networks enable public safety agencies to expand their networks to support increasing capacity requirements.

From the Microwave Service Switch (MSS) for aggregation and networking to our Microwave Packet Transceiver for higher gain with smaller antennas, we offer increased reliability without impacting your existing applications.

School Bus Wi-Fi Solutions


As questions of educational equity and access were pushed to the foreground during the Covid pandemic, school districts across the country found themselves in the position of needing to provide long-distance e-learning solutions for their students. Wireless backhaul offers one easy fix to ensure that children have the broadband internet access they require.

Recently the Fresno Unified School District in Fresno, California utilized microwave backhaul technology as an affordable solution to grant internet access to their 74,000 students for the purpose of distance learning.

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Infinity Technology Solutions, a key part of the data solutions team at MCA, specializes in the development of broadband and critical communications infrastructure that help you connect today’s technology with tomorrow’s innovations. Partner with MCA and Infinity to utilize enterprise-grade microwave backhaul, IP-MPLS routing, and optical networking systems and technologies.

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