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4 Reasons Why the EVX-261 Series Radio is Your Best Tool for Laboratory Communications

Why the EVX-261 Series Radio Is Your Best Tool For Laboratory Communications

Author: Nicky Jackson, Marketing Campaign Manager, MCA

Public health labs and approved commercial labs that are assisting in the testing and diagnosis of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are quickly running into the same major issue; there simply aren’t enough supplies. Laboratories are running out of reagents, swabs, pipettes and other supplies that are crucial to the testing process. By maintaining constant communications with staff and monitoring supplies laboratories can ensure their supplies are being used efficiently and properly.

The EVX-261 Series Radio is an affordable solution that allows staff to easily communicate their needs with one another. It can operate in both analog and digital modes; when in digital mode, you can enjoy noise cancellation for crisp, clear audio.

Here are 4 important reasons the EVX-261 Series Radio is the best tool for your laboratory communications:

1) Lone Worker Alert

The Centralized Lone Worker application allows companies to ensure the wellbeing of their lone workers by periodically checking in. The alert works by automatically sending ‘Alive Check’ messages at specific time intervals to confirm workers wellbeing. This reassures managers that their employees are safe. If a worker fails to respond to a request within the allocated response time, an emergency alarm is automatically raised on their behalf notifying emergency response personnel.

2) Emergency Alert

EVX-261 Series Radios have built-in safety features designed to get your employees help immediately in the case of an emergency. At the touch of a button, any team member can send an emergency alert that help is needed.

3) 16 Channels/1 Group

Channels are a way to segment a two-way radio’s frequency, so that its user can communicate with multiple people without everyone talking over each other. The EVX-261 series radio has 16 possible channels to share over one talk group. Assigning channels to various skilled medical professionals that work in the lab can alleviate confusion and streamline processes.

4) 2 Programmable Keys

There are a variety of features that can be loaded into these buttons. Keep it simple and only load a programmable button option that you will use and is easy to understand and train your team hose to use. Some options include; performing a channel scan to monitor multiple channels and quickly pick up on any that are in use, sending an emergency alert to a pre-defined channel (safety or security group), changing the operating mode from High power to Low power to save batter power, monitoring the channels in analog mode to determine if your channel is experiencing interference from an outside source, plus many other custom options available.

The EVX-261 Series Radio is one of the many solutions that Mobile Communications America (MCA) offers to customers in Public Safety and Healthcare. We also provide immediate deployment with no hassle, turn-key solutions that fits your unique needs in the areas of: security, education spaces, staff alerts, cross-lab communication, limited entry locations, waiting areas, wireless modems for extended coverage, add-ons to existing systems and temporary work sites.

If you would like to find out more about any of our solutions call an MCA Representative today 800-596-8205.

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